Letter #141

Our Motor Home

I had shipped the Newsletter to the printer before we headed to the Dallas area to shop for a new RV so I thought I’d update you here. We did indeed find the right one. One nice thing is that it has two bunk beds. No, we don’t need bunk beds but I need an office and removing the bunks and replacing them with a bookcase and desk will work just fine. I have for 29 years written books: in the back of our old van, in a chair in the living room, or at a make-shift desk at the foot of our bed (we haven’t found one RV suitable for putting a writing table there). It would be a remarkably cramped office at that but an office none-the-less.

A few months ago in prayer, I established with the Lord that we would wait until January to buy a new RV unless we came across a “deal we couldn’t refuse.” That deal never materialized so it is our intention to buy one next month. We have both considered other options including fixing this one and keeping it. It has become evident that a new one is the way to go. Please pray for this.

The Next 24 Hour King James Seminar

The next 24 Hour King James Seminar is scheduled for Thursday & Friday, June 11 & 12, 2015, at Faith Baptist Church, Bourbonnais, IL, pastor Terry Anglea. The cost is $99. Bourbonnais is just south of Chicago making Ohare the best airport to fly into. There will be online registration which is being worked out as you read this. If you have any question call Mick Hall: 815-999-2272.

Targeting Americans

The greatest terror organization in the world, the News Media, has portrayed Americans as the scourge of the globe. Americans exploit the riches of everyone else. Americans are capitalistic racist, homophobic bigots who deserve any bad act the rest of the world perpetrates on them. Every country in the world is right to hate America and Americans. Why does the News Media possess such a deep-seated prejudice against the one country that has done more for every other country in the world than any other? It doesn’t make sense. Well, there can be only one reason. The one thing different about the U.S. and the rest of the world is that this country was dedicated to the God of the Bible at its inception. If you love God that should please you. But if you hate Him…you might use everything in your power to destroy this nation. The News Mafia absolutely hates God, His Book and anyone affiliated with Him. That puts the U.S. squarely in their cross-hairs.

Targeting Whites

“Divide & Conquer” is one of the oldest military strategies in the world and it is not lost on the liberals holding our “free press” hostage. Our country’s greatest enemy is liberalism which has captured our schools, colleges, universities, courts, government, Hollywood and of course, the News Media. Just as a soldier can kill using many weapons, gun, knife, hands, etc. the News Mafia also uses many weapons in its campaign to destroy this country; blacks, women, Muslims, Indians, homosexuals etc. Since America was built predominantly by white, male Christians those must be the ones targeted by these would-be murderers. Thus, they bend over backwards to report anything they can spin as white vs black racism while killing any stories that reveal the reverse. Thus, anyone of color has been News Media trained to believe they have a right to hate and to hurt whites. There will never be racial harmony in this country because the News Mafia cultivates and exploits it.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Brad Wells

Brad Wells is the son of Dennis Wells who did a tremendous missionary work in Papua New Guinea. About 15 years ago Brad also went to PNG. He located in Mt. Hagan and did a phenomenal work. He started a church, a Bible college, and a radio station. He located all of this on a piece of ground he bought that was called “The Field of Blood.” Why? Because it was the place all the tribes came together to go to war and kill each other. Brad turned it into “The Field of Grace!” Just this year Brad & his family came back to the States and relocated in the Washington DC area. Brad has a deep desire to affect America as he did PNG. Pray fro Brad & his wonderful family as he seeks to start a church in the DC area and help us all by helping our country.

Inciting Murder

If you incite a person to kill another person you will be charged with murder just as surely as the person doing the deed. Why? Because they would not have committed the crime if you hadn’t inflamed them to do it. News journalists should be arrested and tried for their part in the murder of every white person who will be murdered due to their racially inflammatory “reporting.”

Typical Liberal Intolerance

Liberals love to proclaim “Free speech” and “We need to be tolerant” of the viewpoint of others if the “others” happen to be liberals, perverts or any other enemy of God, the Bible & our country. But whenever someone says something that they don’t agree with their hypocrisy shows up fast. Recently during an interview on CNN New Orleans Saints player, Ben Watson said “Jesus Christ died for our sins…” Five seconds later he was cut off! Get this straight! The News Media considers Jesus their enemy! If Watson had been talking about “allah” or taking the liberal, racist view on Ferguson they would have deified him.

Get This Straight Too

Walt Disney was an amazing individual. His foresight and innovation are historic. All he wanted to do was build a wonderful fantasy land dedicated to the enjoyment of both children and adults and he certainly succeeded. But Walt Disney is dead and so is his kind, loving goal. The liberals running Disney today are not dedicated to entertaining your child but rather they are dedicated to turning your child into a homosexual. Disney entertainment has “Gay Pride Day” where they turn their facilities over to perverts for the entire day. Now, Disney is releasing its first homosexual cartoon, “The Princes” in which your children will be encouraged to enter the perversion of homosexuality. Go ahead, forsake Christ and support Disney and when your child ends up with the perverted claim “He was born that way.” just like your god (TV) commanded you to. But you better scratch James 4:4 out of your Bible: “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”
It should be entertaining listening to compromising Christians explain their loyalty to Disney over God at the Judgement Seat of Christ! In your liberty in Christ you are free to do a great deal, but know that Disney is an enemy of God, the Bible and America. Pick one side or the other.


Liberals are the most tyrannical people on the planet. They think they are better than anyone else. They take, take, take all while demanding that everyone else give, give, give. Their most common weapon is guilt. “You’re bad because…” you’re rich, you’re white, you’re a man.

For the last 40 years, the self-righteous liberals in Congress have cajoled Americans that they were “wasteful” for driving big cars, too much. “A good person would buy a smaller car and drive less to conserve gas.” As usual, guilt-ridden Americans obeyed and gas usage dropped. How are the liberals in Congress saying “thanks” to Americans who have sacrificed? They want to raise gas taxes, “Because Americans are driving less in more fuel-efficient cars.” Liberalism IS tyranny. You should never do anything to keep a liberal from calling you a name. Don’t be bullied.


  1. Sally Mickley on March 14, 2020 at 8:07 am

    Thank you Sam. I can relate to what you are saying. Soo sad.

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