Deadly Myths We’ve all Been Told

A myth is an untruth that is accepted as the truth. They can be deadly. The myth that draining a sick person’s blood from them would heal them killed many a sick individual who probably would have recovered if left alone.

There are many myths alive and well in our society today. Some of these have become the “truth” upon which some very unsuccessful lives have been founded. The life-directing, deadliness of a myth is greatly increased when foisted on impressionable teenagers who like the sound of what they hear, trust the speaker and have no way of seeing the folly of the statements. So, here are some popular myths, some which are destroying the lives of our people. (How many did you fall for?)

1. “Your body is done growing by the time you’re 21.” Not true!

Men will “thicken,” ladies will gain about 50 lb.
Guys will grow hair on their chest, in their nose, and in their ears, while losing it from their heads.
Then, when you hit your seventies you’ll begin to shrink!
Look at a picture of anyone when they were in high school and then when they are 50. It is a simple truth that any healthy person will fill out. It has nothing to do with diet, junk food or evil American society.

2. “Sex is the greatest pleasure in life.” Wrong!

Teens will mock me for saying this and that will make me feel bad…OK! Done feelin’ bad! Teens have been told that life is all about sex. Our young Christian couples want to turn their honeymoon night into a Playboy free-for-all. Even adults are preoccupied with bedroom exploits hoping for the ultimate pleasure. The problem is simple: pleasure is not happiness. Most folks are finding this out after their marriage or health have been destroyed by their slavish following of this myth. The happiest people are those who have no sins standing between them and God.

3. “Teen years are the most important of your life.” Not true.

You are only a teenager for seven years which works out to about 1/10 of your life. You can steer a new course in your life after you leave your teen years behind. Look how seldom you see or care about, the kids you went to high school with. Teen years are not the most important, but decisions can be made in the teen years that alter the rest of your life.

4. People Grow Old. Not so, bodies grow old.

Most people mentally see themselves as being between 18 and 20 years old. But imagine trying to communicate that to an 18 year old in an 18 year old body from a body that’s 60!

5. You can have your joy restored with a prayer.

You can gain forgiveness with a prayer. But sometimes joy takes years to get back.

6. Debilitating diseases and accidents happen to everyone but you.

That’s what everyone who has a disease or has had an accident thought.

7. It’s important to have a”dream.” Baloney! It’s important to have a job!

You simply will not attain most dreams because they are just that…dreams.
Many will attain their dreams and find they aren’t as satisfying in life as they were in fantasy.

8. Sugar makes kids “hyper.”

Sugar makes some kids hyper. All kids are not the same and don’t react the same. I know an adult man who gets drunk by drinking half of a Pepsi…but that’s not true of everybody.

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