Chapter 10: Vindication

In this book we have observed the battle which rages in fundamental circles concerning the question of the perfect English translation.

We have taken a scriptural look at the localities from which we have obtained the extant MSS.

We have looked closely at the witnesses and have examined their testimony in light of our two ground rules, and in respect to their place of origin and faithfulness to the Lordship of Christ.

We have taken a careful look at the true enemy of the Word of God, the Roman Catholic Church. In so doing, we have examined Rome’s efforts and goals concerning the overthrow of the God-honored Universal Text. We have seen that in the past, this organization has been ruthless in her attempt to exterminate both Christians and their Bible. We can be confident that her goals have not changed.

We have looked into the lives of the two men who were primarily responsible for the successful overthrow of the Universal Text in textual criticism, and have discovered that they were not the “godly conservative scholars” which many brethren claim they were.

Lastly, we have looked at the Authorized Version, a Bible which has lasted through time in spite of major efforts by fundamentalists and liberals both to replace it with the Roman Catholic Local Text of Alexandria, Egypt. We have compared the scholarship and piety of the King James translators to the liberal and infidelic standards of the revisors of 1881 and 1952, who have been faithfully followed by the Lockman Foundation and other modern translators. We have briefly investigated the manuscript readings in a Christ-honoring light.

Throughout this work we have answered some of the common innuendoes hurled at God’s Authorized Version, such as “archaic words,” supposed authorization by King James, supposed “better” MSS being in favor of new translations, etc.

What is the conclusion?

The conclusion is that first, we Christians who call ourselves “Bible-believing fundamentalists” need to realize that the true enemy to the King James Bible is Rome. Christian colleges should closely examine their curriculum and philosophy of teaching concerning its relationship to the Authorized Version. Preachers should remove all new “Bibles” from their pulpits and private studies, realizing that Rome’s teaching moves very subtly.

Secondly, it is time to turn away from the teaching that Westcott and Hort were two born-again, Bible-believing scholars. They were not. They and their long-dead theories concerning the Bible should be treated with all the sincerity with which Darwin and his theory are treated in Christian circles.

Thirdly, it is hoped that Christian preachers and teachers would direct their zeal for the Lord in more positive action than in attempting to destroy the Christians faith in God’s perfect Word, and to insult or ruin fundamental brethren who disagree with them concerning the history of the manuscripts. I believe that parties on both sides have been extremely guilty of attacking each other with such zeal as to be a source of never ending joy for the Roman Catholic Church.

Brethren who believe the Authorized Version have been sadly maligned due to a misteaching on the part of those who do not believe it. Believers in the Authorized Version attempted to “fight fire with fire.” This has left a sad division in fundamental circles. A faithful return to the Authorized Version will not only be honoring to God, but will be helpful in mending the wounds of nearly one hundred years of warfare with the wrong enemy.

There is no Bible that exalts Jesus Christ any higher than the Authorized Version. There is no Bible that has ever been more blessed by God than the Authorized Version. There is no Bible which is more hated by Satan and the Roman Catholic Church than the Authorized Version. There is no Bible which is more clearly translated nor is any easier to read than the Authorized Version. There is no Bible which teaches doctrine more clearly than the Authorized Version.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I love His Book. I am thankful for His graciousness in giving me a perfect Bible in English. To show my appreciation, I intend to read it, believe it, learn it, memorize it, promote it, defend it, love it, keep it, and most of all, be in subjection to God’s authority through it. In appreciation, I will not change it – not a colon or a comma, not even an italicized word, not a chapter, nor a verse marking. Nor will I condemn the parts I do not understand. I will not “correct” the parts I do not like. I will exalt Jesus Christ and give His Book any benefit of the doubt. I will not worry about “what the Greek says” but will accept the “English” God has given me. It is a spiritual Book. God’s Hand is on it. I need no more. No other version comes close to it nor ever will. There is no reason that it should be replaced, for it is every word of God preserved in English and placed in my hand. It is up to me to place it in my heart.

As the very great man of God, Lester Roloff, once said, “The Bible – we don’t need to rewrite it, we need to reread it!”

What more can be said about this grand Book than what it says about itself?

Psalms 12:6, 7 says, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”

Thank you, Lord, for your perfect Bible, the Authorized King James Bible.

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