“Can the Camera Lie?” by Dr. Sam Gipp

There is a famous picture taken during World War I which captures the death of a soldier at the moment he was shot. He is shown reacting to the impact of a bullet slamming into his body while running towards his enemy. His coat has flown open, his rifle is suspended in midair before dropping to the ground. It is a moving photo. It is also a fake!

Some years later a man was studying this photo when a few discrepancies appeared to his eye:

The photographer was in the exactly right spot at the exactly right time to snap the picture.
The photographer had to be ahead of the charging man to be in the position he was to shoot.
The photographer was awfully close to the fallen soldier.
Hmm. That’s funny! There are no shell blasts in the background. There are no strands of barbed wire to be seen.. No pock-marked battlefield. No other dead soldiers littering the battlefield. In fact, there are no other soldiers even in sight beyond the strike man. “Could this picture be a fake?” he wondered.
Years later he had the fortune of meeting the man who took the photo and the man confirmed that the whole thing was a setup. He told how the soldier had “died” time after time until they achieved just the right scene. He even produced several other shots that they had rejected. (I’ve seen them.)

Fast forward to just a few years ago. The place is India and there’s tremendous flooding. I saw a picture of an Indian beggar boy, sad-eyed, holding his empty dish out to the camera that was taking his picture. But wait! The kid is about ten feet away from the camera and he’s standing waist-deep in water. Did the news man give the young boy money to stand in the water and beg to the camera to look more pitiful in hopes of winning a Pulitzer prize?

Then, I remembered countless pictures of rock throwing terrorists. I remember one particular one where the man is picking up a rock to throw and looking directly at his target…the camera that is taking his picture. But I read the article. Newsmen are quick to tell you of all the “perils” they endure, but there was no mention of this incident. I have to confess. I believe the newsman paid the rock thrower to pose for the shot so he could have an “action” photo to turn in. But there are two photos associated with the April 8, 2002 issue of Time magazine that really got my attention.

The first is the cover. There a picture of “Yessir-Aren’t-he-fat” wearing that ridiculous tablecloth on his head. The photographer obviously told him, “Sit there and try to look helpless so we can drum up some sympathy for you.” So there he sits, hands folded like he doesn’t know what to do with them when their not holding a hand grenade, that “deer-in-the-headlights” stare and lips so big they are probably checked at the airport to see if he’s hiding explosives in them. (Hey look, Mommy! That man is trying to light his lips.) I confess. He does look pitiful, but not the way he intended.

Yet the second photo that got my attention is found on pages 28 & 29. There’s a series of three photos that are highly suspicious. The first shows a “brave” Palestinian (Philistine) aiming his weapon down the street beyond him. It looks real enough even though there is another table cloth wearer walking calmly in front of the camera. Hardly the reaction you’d expect if the Israeli Army was firing at you.

In the next photo the “heroic” gunman is lying in the street having obviously stopped an Israeli bullet. (Good boy!)

In the third, “Abdul’s” buddies are frantically retrieving the “body” of their fallen comrade. But wait! Check the picture out closely. There are absolutely no bullet holes anywhere to be seen on the man. The “blood trail” from his “wounds” goes in a straight line going both directions from the body. It has a large blob at one end looking suspiciously like someone poured it on the ground. And “Abdul” looks about as dead as Al Gore. (Actually a dead man would look more alive than Al Gore!)

I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying it. Now I know that you folks, who can only think if you’re holding your remote, may disagree but I think the whole series is faked. I think the photographer staged the man’s “death”, hoping for a Pulitzer prize while showing the “bravery” and “sacrifice” of the Philistines. It’s just an updated version of the faked photo I mentioned earlier: “a brave soldier dying in action.”

Now come on! Do you really, really believe that every dramatic photo you see in a newspaper, magazine or on a news program is real? What? You can’t imagine that a liberal news journalist, with an agenda and hopes of glory, would ever fake a photo? What? The folks that reported that there were 30,000 illegal abortions in 1973, when there were in fact only 39, in order to drum up support for the legalization of baby murder, would never fake a news photo? What? The profession that presented a Pulitzer prize to a black reporter for her gripping story about racial prejudice, only to be forced to revoke it when it became public knowledge that she made the whole thing up, wouldn’t fake a photo? Get a life!!!

Get this straight. There are no news reporters left. Those are the honest men & women who sought to merely inform you of the news as it happened. But the reporters have been replaced by “journalists.” (They can’t bring themselves to call themselves “reporters” because they know it’s a lie.) The primary goal of a “reporter” was to report the news. The primary goal of a news journalist is not reporting the news but to further the liberal political agenda. Thus, they look at every story and ask, “How can I further our agenda through my reporting?” or “How do I keep the truth of this story from hurting our agenda?” Honesty is long gone and even greed is superceded by “political correctness.” There are no reporters anymore. Just propaganda writers (ala the great Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels) who hope to alter your thinking with their alterations of the truth.

If you believe the News Mafia, if you trust what they say, you are a major fool. You should view every story with suspicion. You should ask yourself, “What conclusion are they trying to force me to reach with this story?” When you find yourself inflamed or shamed after reading or watching a “news” story, you should marvel at how easily your emotions were controlled by the News Industry. Fight it.

These people are not on your side. They are not on the side of America. They hate both you and it and never have your best interests in mind when performing a story. They want your country to be socialist. They want your kids to be perverts. They want you terrorized into inaction. Your destruction is their goal. Don’t help them by believing they care about you and want to help. They are hoping you’ll be fool enough to believe everything they tell you. Are you?

Question the News Media!

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