Blessed (or Cursed) by Godverment

When the true God of the Bible blesses or “anoints” someone or something it flourishes. When he retracts that blessing it/they fall on hard times. God anointed the Jews as His people and His blessing on the Jews has been evident over the centuries in spite of the multitude of attempts to wipe them off the face of the planet.
Through decades of slow, patient training by Hollywood, the News Media and public education our nation has now turned its heart away from the God of the Bible to the socialist god of government; “godverment.” We no longer look to God to provide for us, we look to godverment. But, just as the true God’s blessing can be withheld, so can that of flawed godverment.

God is good to all of us and desires, no, demands our worship. He figures He gives us everything we need and therefore we should be grateful for His benevolence. He’s right. We do owe God our worship and obedience. Unfortunately, since we now look to godverment to provide for us we are faced with a heartless entity that, like the true God, is going to demand the same thing of us, obedience and worship.

Let’s look at the groups our godverment has anointed for its blessing and we’ll know who is going to be on the receiving end of the ire of the heartless government.

Blacks – There is no doubt that slavery was wrong. The News Mafia and public education have spent decades heaping guilt on every white man breathing concerning it. Of course, they conveniently ignore the fact that the blacks sold into slavery were kidnapped by African Muslims. Also, while expounding endlessly about the guilt all Whites should feel over slavery, they downplay the greatest fact of slavery in this country. It was stopped at the expense of 620,000 White men’s lives! But, no amount of white blood will ever satisfy the News Mafia so that fact will remain unmentioned. Therefore, as Blacks have been anointed for the blessing of godverment we see why Whites will forever be guilt-tripped and punished. That explains why anti-White racism is accepted and even promoted by the liberals who self-righteously present themselves as being above racism.

Women – Seeing the success they had with the “slavery guilt-trip” the liberals running the Big Three; Hollywood, the News Media, and public education, next turned their “Guilt Gun” on men. They used the same template to browbeat men as just as evil as Whites. Now all men had to feel guilty but white men had the double guilt of being male and white.
Of course, free speech was a victim of this tactic. If a White man said anything about a Black man he was piled on by the Liberals and called a racist. Likewise, if a man said anything about a woman he was berated as a “Chauvinist Pig.” So, just as Blacks were told they had a “right” to hate all Whites women, were taught they had the same “right” to hate all men.

Muslims – The next group to be “sanctified by godverment were the Muslims. This actually started
back in the 1970’s. At that time the United States only imported 23% of its oil from overseas. Our traitorous Congress voted to increase that. It’s now 75%. This is mostly purchased from Muslim countries. This was done to addict us to Muslim oil so we would be afraid of “offending” them lest we lose our oil supply.

Then came September 11, 2001. Two things changed due to this murderous Muslim plot; Americans turned their hearts back to the God of the Bible and they became more patriotic. But, as we all know, if there are two things the News Mafia hates with a blood hatred it is these two ingrained American attributes. They launched a “full-court-press” lest Americans rightfully hate these murders. We saw “multi-cultural” commercials with endless people of any race but white saying, “I am an American!” Sure enough, within three weeks we, the victims were apologizing to our oppressors. Now, you dare not say anything derogatory about these vicious murderers. Muslims rape and kill and spew anti-Jewish and anti-American hatred while the News Mafia defends them. Once again, if you are a Christian you are on the receiving end of the vile persecution orchestrated by the Liberals and sanctified by godverment.

So now, if you are White, or a man and or a Christian anyone has the right to discriminate against you and feel righteous in doing so. (Thank you, dear godverment.)

The Earth – The true God said, the earth belongs to man. Godverment says “man belongs to the earth.” God wants the earth to serve Man. Godverment wants man to serve the Earth. You will do whatever your God/god tells you to do.
Queers – Now, the “Unholy Trinity” are pushing hard to force the perverted lifestyle of homosexuality on a defenseless nation of 300,000,000 victims. We have heard the same tired words used by the News Mafia to describe queers that we have heard for decades about Blacks, women and now, Muslims; “minority, “discrimination,”, “bigotry,” “hate crime” and etc.

So what does this tell us? Well, it tells us is that if the forces of “Undivine Evil” succeed in forcing us to accept these perverts as though they were normal, we will see yet more of our freedoms of speech and action stolen from us. Of course, the ultimate loser will be a White, male, straight Christians. Basically, the people who founded and built this country.

If a nation or individual violates the mandates of the true God of the Bible their food, freedom, and welfare are imperiled. Every time Israel turned away from God they received His wrath. We, as a nation, have no reason to believe we will escape it. I believe the horrific “natural” disasters our nation has been experiencing lately is no less than the wrath of a jealous God Who doesn’t like us bowing our knees to the pagan gods of our imported heathen. You will fear God or you will fear godverment.

Just as defying the holy God can threaten your “food, freedom and welfare” so, defying unholy godverment will imperil the same. Watch and see the merciless treatment all “resisters” receive. Maybe it’s time to decide which you’re going to serve; God or godverment?

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