Beware of B.I.R.A.!

BIRA, stands for: Biden’s Illegal Revolutionary Army. This is the 15 million-plus army of Illegals Biden has invaded the USA with. We all know that Biden and the Democommies can’t survive a fair and legal election. Nor can they accomplish their goal of a communist dictatorship here while the USA is run by the U.S. Constitution. While air-brained Conservatives are busy boasting about the coming victory in November, Democommies, who are wicked but not stupid, are making the same preparations they did prior to our last great prophesied victories in the 2020 and 2022 elections. (Remember those great “victories?”)

To secure dictatorial power a wannabe tyrant needs an army so he can murder everyone who refuses to bow to him. Thus, Biden’s 15 million strong BIRA invasion force. He will use them to launch his military takeover of our country. When? It depends on how sure the Dems are of this November’s election. If they know they have it sewed up they may wait until after the election when they don’t need the Illegals’ illegal votes, at which point they will cease all support of them and turn them loose on our citizens to suppress the population via, rape, murder and armed terrorism. If the election doesn’t look secure they may turn them loose before the election to give Biden a ready-made “National Emergency” that he can use to justify cancelling the election and arresting all “insurgents.” (Read that, “anyone who resists his tyranny.”)

I see Biden using BIRA in three very open and violent ways.

1. BIRA’s “Riff-Raff”

Some of the border crossers are lowlife, low-intellect, generally worthless people. Consider them low-value communist cannon fodder who are expendable. Biden will arm these lowlife people, point to any and all American neighborhoods and say, “Anybody you kill, you get their house and everything they own.” That will be a great motivator!

What will this accomplish?

  1. The death or neutralization of 75% of our population.
  2. All those idiots who have been posting pictures of themselves with their AR-15s and boasting an easy victory will not leave home to meet with their militia. They will stay home to defend their families and property. No matter how “ready” you think you are, 50 armed, greed-motivated lunatics will overwhelm you no matter how many you kill.


Democommie victory, as many free citizens will be eliminated and potential armed threats will be too busy fighting for their families to stop this next group.

2. BIRA’s Muslim Contingent

It is well known that Muslims are tremendously brave…when attacking unarmed citizens. What will these militants attack? All soft targets: malls, hospitals, power plants, water works, airports, Walmarts and anywhere they can murder masses of unarmed Americans.

What will this accomplish?

  1. America’s economy will come to a screeching and permanent halt.
  2. All sources of food, water, power and fuel will be destroyed.
  3. Americans will be thrown into despair and confusion.
  4. The infrastructure will be thoroughly destroyed and terror-stricken Americans will hunker down and stay home. They will probably begin killing their neighbors to get their food and fuel.

3. BIRA’s Chinese Military Contingent

Traitor Biden has brought in thousands of members of the Chinese Communist Armed Forces via our ruptured southern border. These highly trained soldiers will be used to attack all continental U.S. military bases. To expedite their fall Biden will probably cut off support and may even order them to stand down and surrender.

What will this accomplish?

  1. It will eliminate all trained military resistance to Biden’s coup.
  2. It will plunge the remaining population into hopelessness, leading to suicide and surrender.

4. But FIRST!

Either before or early in the execution of #1 above, everyone you think you will turn to for leadership or help will be assassinated or arrested. There will be no Tucker Carlson, Mark Levine or conservative members of Congress to “rally the troops”, impart direction or instill hope in the Americans dying all across our land.

What will this accomplish?

  1. Americans will become absolutely leaderless and hopeless.
  2. American society will totally collapse.
  3. The remains of our nation will be swept away and a merciless communist dictatorship will emerge. Once in power it will eliminate all threats to it, starting with the Muslims.

Of course there will be isolated American successes but if Biden thinks he may lose don’t doubt that he will call China and ask for about 100,000 support troops. When they arrive Biden will call China and say, “Hey. I only asked for 100,000 soldiers and you sent 500,000!” to which he will hear, “Don’t worry, we have plenty. Everything is going to turn out all right.”

The Bible speaks of a time when people will demand an attractive lie rather than a harsh truth. If what I have written upsets you, just go back to ignoring God and plan your next ski vacation.

Will God deliver us? ALL Americans think God will deliver the country because…because…well, because they are threatened. Review the last 50 years in this country and show me what God would be interested in preserving. (Beside you, of course.) People who feel they don’t owe God church attendance, tithes, or a holy life all think that God owes them deliverance. (And a victory in November.)

What should you do?

  1. Repent of your secret sins and change the way you live to that which might not put you first.
  2. Pray for America’s deliverance. I don’t ask God to spare this country because: I love it, it has been a good country or just to save myself. Think about this. The devil is strong militarily… but God is stronger.

    The devil is a great destroyer. So is God. (Can you say “Flood?”)

    The things God has that the devil has absolutely none of are His great positive attributes. (Jonah 4:2) I ask Him to save America by His MERCY! The devil’s armory is empty concerning mercy. I don’t just want the world to praise His mercy, I want the angels in Heaven to be impressed. I want it to be such a miraculous deliverance that all Heaven and Earth worship Him for it.
  3. Throw yourself at His feet and beg Him to be merciful to you personally. You can have food and guns and gold and plans, yet things could work so that none of these things can deliver you. Only God can deliver you and if you’re honest you know you don’t deserve it. Ask Him to be merciful to you.
And he prayed unto the LORD, and said, I pray thee, O LORD, was not this my saying, when I was yet in my country? Therefore I fled before unto Tarshish: for I knew that thou art a gracious God, and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repentest thee of the evil. Jonah 4:2

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