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While the automotive press has been doing all it can to kill the American auto industry the facts have been far different than they have reported…or not reported.

Toyota has been wrestling with poor build quality over the last few years but the automotive press hasn’t trumpeted it like they do the slightest problem with GM, Ford or Chrysler.
Mercedes built a bomb! That’s right, Mercedes, who has also been having quality control issues, built an absolute dud! Their ugly R-Class has been a huge sales flop! They hoped to sell 50,000 a year worldwide for 2007, half of those here, but only managed 18,000 units in the United States. Now, after long, wordy excuses for the poor selling dud they have admitted it is a flop.
Hyundai projected 2007 sales to be 555,000 units. Their sales were poor and they had to revise it to 500,000. The actual sales count was 467,009 vehicles.
Volvo is hurting bad! They expect a 10-15% drop in sales for 2008 and are closing dealerships.
Mitsubishi is still struggling financially.

Japanese car makers overall saw a 35% drop in sales for 2007.
The automotive press tries to destroy American supremacy in every area. Chrysler invented the minivan and has always built the pinnacle vehicle in that segment. The automotive press couldn’t wait until the Japanese had an offering so they could crown it supreme. Since their favorite beneficiary is Honda, they quickly crowned the Honda Odyessy as #1. What they aren’t reporting is that sales for the Honda Odyessy are disappointing.

The Toyota Sequia is absolutely dead in the water. If Chevy Suburban sales ever tanked like this dinosaur it would be front page news!

The same is true about the last bastion of American supremacy, the full size pickup truck. Motor Trend was only too happy to bequeath “Truck of the Year” to the “wannabe a truck” Honda Ridgeline. This year, after having to admit Chevy topped them all last year, they gave it to the Toyota Tundra. What they aren’t telling you is that they are hoping to help the Toyota’s disappointing sales. Toyota is even offering rebates to try to jumpstart sales but the Tundra simply isn’t selling while the Number One and Number Two overall sales leaders in 2007 were the Ford F-series and the Chevy Silverado, in that order. Neither the Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan or Honda Ridgeline even made the list. In just the truck sales figures it truly looks dismal, where all the Japanese trucks on the list combined didn’t equal the #2 seller, Chevy!
January 2008 truck sales figures

1. Ford F-Series – 41,125 6. Toyota Tacoma – 11,064
2. Chevy Silverado – 36,122 7. Chevy Colorado – 5,797
3. Dodge Ram – 19,902 8. Ford Ranger – 5,546
4. GMC Sierra – 13,200 9. Nissan Frontier – 4,064
5. Toyota Tundra – 12,073 10. Nissan Titan – 3,692

Although the automotive press has been waiting with baited breath to announce Toyota has passed General Motors as world sales leader, it still hasn’t happened even though GM has tried to help Toyota by reducing it sales to rental fleets. The automotive press said Toyota would pass GM in 2006. It didn’t happen. Then they audibly hoped for 2007. Nope. (They may even be praying for 2008!)

Instead GM sales figures have risen. GM’s fourth quarter 2007 profits were up 4.8%. In spite of the elimination of huge rental car sales, their 2007 domestic sales rose 11.2%. That means more private citizens are buying GM products. The automotive press likes to point to the drop in Chevrolet Impala sales due to the elimination of rental sales and decry its death. But even with these “large buy” sales being gone, Impala sales were up 44% in Jan. 2008 over Jan. of 2007.The Chevy Cobalt sales have increased 65% for the same month and even the micro, Aveo, sales have risen.

Also, the beautiful new Chevrolet Malibu and shocking Cadillac CTS even have the America-haters in the automotive press being forced to say good things about them. Trust me! As soon as they can they will attack them lest they benefit either GM or the U. S. economy.

Furthermore, General Motors’ sales were up 19% in Latin America, Africa and the Mid-east while total world sales increased by 3 %. GM sold 9,369,524 cars in 2007. That was again more than Toyota and the third year in a row GM built over 9,000,000 cars.

January 2008 figures
General Motors had a sales increase of 2.1% over the same month in 2007.
Dodge sales are up 42% over Jan. 2007.
Chrysler Aspen sales increased 20% over Jan. 2007.
Jeep Liberty sales are up 17% over Jan. 2007.
Ford, while having the F-Series successes and the wildly successful Mustang, saw their overall sales decrease 4.1%. If they ever decide to be a car company again, instead of a promoter of the homosexual agenda, they may again see a profit someday.
Toyota sales are down 2.3% compared to Jan. 2007. (The once popular Corolla has seen a sales slide of 18.7%.)
Lexus sales have nosedived 8.2% compared to Jan. 2007.
Honda is down 2.3% compared to Jan. 2007.
Nissan had a disastrous month. Car sales dropped 6.9% while trucks took an even bigger hit with a 7.9% drop in sales compared to Jan. 2007.

Top ten selling vehicles for 2007
1. Ford F-Series 6. Honda Civic
2. Chevy Silverado 7. Chevy Impala
3. Toyota Camry 8. Nissan Altima
4. Honda Accord 9. Dodge Ram
5. Toyota Corolla 10. Honda CR-V

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