August 2021

Dear Friends,


Since our last letter I’ve preached in Mississippi, Oregon, California, Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Ohio and Alaska. The meetings have been well attended and I believe folks got some help in their efforts to live for Christ. While in Pt. Hope, AK, we had a young Eskimo couple saved.

Because of Covid we’ve had to cancel meetings in Canada and Australia again this year. I told Kathy that the way totalitarian governments are forcing arbitrary rules on people we may never be able to travel out of the country again. We’ll see what happens.

We used a 24′ trailer for the last three years for our Summer circuit. Last year we bought a used 2018 ó ton Ram pickup since the 2009 GMC just couldn’t pull any longer. The Ram yanked the trailer like it wasn’t even there.

Unfortunately I can’t always sleep laying down and use a recliner when home. The little 24′ trailer didn’t have a single place to sit that was comfortable, let alone a recliner. It made for some very difficult nights. For this we traded the 24-footer in and bought a used 29 foot trailer. I don’t know how many times I used the recliner this summer but it was a life saver.

But pulling it was another matter. The Ram, which pulled the 24′ so well was outclassed by the weight of the 29′ Oh, it had plenty of power and averaged 9.5 mpg on this summer’s 7,700 mile circuit. But the front end was light the whole trip. I had air bags installed on the rear axle and had the hitch professionally leveled but the front end was still dangerously light. While driving the truck would float, drift and dart off in a different direction than we wanted to go. Every mile was between tense to terrifying. I don’t know how many times Kathy or I called out for God’s help as the rig darted for the wrong lane or the edge of the highway. We both love driving but this year every mile beat us down. We are faced with getting a 3/4 ton truck before next summer.

It seems that everyone in the country took a beating by the super high temperatures this summer. So did we. We saw 114 degrees in Texas. With our air conditioner working it’s heart out it could only bring the temperature inside the trailer to 99 degrees so we had to stay in hotels several times in order to make it. Thus, we will also be buying a second A/C unit for the trailer before next summer’s circuit. We have no complaints. All this goes with the calling.

Our Health

Kathy’s left eye has become just about useless. She can see form & light with it but that’s about all. To prevent the eye from burning she takes two different eye drops everyday. One cause cataracts and the other causes Glaucoma, but the alternative is unbearable suffering.

I had surgery on Jan. 28 to correct the problem with my vocal chords. My voice was supposed to be back to normal three weeks later. It has now been 7 months and it has not returned as it should. Since the surgery it takes greater effort just to talk and preaching is more difficult. I have to force so much air through them to make them work that I have to fight hyperventilating for the first 10-15 minutes of my messages. After that I get a handle on it and it’s OK. Preaching without a microphone is very difficult and yes, there are still quite a few churches that lack them.

None of this is said to garner sympathy and surely not to hear about someone’s magical natural remedy for all ailments. It is just reporting conditions as they are. Kathy & I are still thrilled to be allowed by God to travel and serve Him and have no complaints nor plans to quit. But I will say, if you think your prayers for us are unneeded or unappreciated you are wrong. We crave prayer and know it is only the gracious prayers of God’s people that keep us going.


Since our last letter The 3rd Answer Book has been published and is being well received. I’ve managed to publish 3 new books in the last three years. I have several more I’m working on as well as a new project I have planned to help churches.

The Bible Institute

We have new students coming from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Montana and even Alaska. We are looking forward to the new school year. We have a great line up of instructors and look forward to giving students the very best Bible education we can. Kathy even teaches a class for the ladies. If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining us have them call 208-888-4545.

While we may well be in our last days on the earth before the Lord comes I see nowhere in Scripture were we are to quit or dial back our efforts for Christ. Once the Lord takes us we will never have the opportunity to serve Him in mortal flesh. I believe our efforts now may well be the most valuable present we can give Him. Never give in! Never give up!

Thank you for your kind prayers for us.

In Christ’s Service,

Samuel C. Gipp


  1. Al & Fran Salvage on October 7, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Hey Preacher! Hey Kathy! Thank you both for your example. Thank you both for keeping on. The Lord Jesus continue to bear you both up on His wings, comfort you and show the greatness of His grace in you. We pray the joy of the Lord and the peace of God be to you both all that God’s Word says they are – strength and passing all understanding – every day and hour. We love you guys.

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