August 2020


Because of COVID I lost all my meetings from the second week of March to Sept except one. Up to the cancellations I preached in MI, OH, ID, KY, WV and TX. The country dissolved while I was in Texas!

I’ve been able to piece together a July-August schedule that consists of two 4-day meetings, one 3-day meeting & 3 Sunday’s. Kathy & I are on the road now with the trailer. We left Idaho and I preached a Sunday in Montana and then drove to Minnesota. We’re presently in Rochester for a Sun-Wed. Thursday we travel up to Minneapolis for a Thur-Sun. Then down to Ohio for two Sundays. Between those two Sundays we will be attending Kathy’s Family reunion. Then we head back for Idaho, stopping in Mississippi for a 3-day meeting on the way back home.

We bought another truck. We now have 2018 Ram, used but in good shape. It really does a good job of pulling the trailer. We gave the GMC to a friend who needed it. It still runs great but its pulling days are over.

Because of these cancellations for the first time ever the “Offering” column in our income report was “0″ for April, May & June. Our church gives us something for working with the Bible Institute and some churches & individuals graciously support us and that’s what has kept us going. Kathy & I have no complains against God or His people.


In March, while I was preaching in Texas, I had some new problems with my arms that pushed past my ability to handle. When I got back to Meridian I went to my neurosurgeon. He did a Myelogram and said I had a tumor in my neck between vertebra C6 &C7, where I broke it back in 1973. I wanted a 2nd opinion so I sent the results to another neurosurgeon in Norfolk, VA. He confirmed the tumor and added that it had grown into the nerves in my neck He ordered 2 MRIs. Six weeks passed before I could get them.

During that time we had God’s people around the world praying. We sent the results to the Norfolk doctor. He came back with “Good News/Bad news.”

Good News – The tumor was now scar tissue (attached to the C7 nerve) from the original surgery in 1973.
Bad News – C1-C3, the only vertebra I have that move, are pretty deteriorated. Also, he said I have bone spurs from C1 to C7.

As I have heard for 47 years, he said, “I’d hold off surgery as long as I could.” I agree. So, I’m trying to “retrain” myself to deal with quite a step up in pain, since I suspect the next surgery will be pretty drastic.

Kathy & I

On April 27th I turned 70 years old. On June 14th I turned 50 years old in-the-Lord. Also this year I celebrate 50 years preaching! It’s all good! Getting saved was the best thing I ever did! Then, having God allow me to preach is icing on the cake!

Kathy & I still love the Lord and love serving Him. For the nine months of the school year I fly to meetings. Then, when summer comes we hook up the trailer and hit the road! Since we located in Idaho many well meaning folks have said, “I’m glad you can fly now and don’t have to drive so much.” My response? We love driving! Kathy & I love getting out on the road and putting the miles behind us. We are making about a 7,000 mile loop from/to Idaho: east across the top of the country; then south, down through Ohio and then west through Mississippi and then turning north when we hit Arizona. We love it!


Got a new book published. Why We Believe the King James Bible is a very small book, about 30 pages. It is great for handing to people who ask you the question, “Why do you believe the King James Bible?” It has been selling briskly.

Presently The Second Answer Book is at the printer. The first Answer Book answered so many charges lodged against the King James Bible that they’ve had to come up with new questions, so…

It should be finished by early September. To get information on these or any of the books DayStar Publishing publishes go to: or call 1-800-311-1823.

DayStarPublishing also has some new books by other authors. Feel free to go to the website and check them out.

If you like to catch sermons online go to YouTube and search “sam gipp channel.” I’ve got about 250 audio or video messages there.

Please don’t forget to pray for us. Sometimes people say, “I wish I could do more than just pray for you.” Believe me! Prayer is literally what keeps us going. If everybody that’s praying for me stopped today I wouldn’t be in the ministry seven days from now. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers!

In Christ’s Service,

Samuel C. Gipp



  1. C J on August 2, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Your sermons and the faithfulness of you and your wife has surely been used by God. I can’t thank you enough for keeping the faith and pressing hard. I pray peace for your wife and you. Your struggles will all be worth it someday!

    God opened my eyes to the truth of the kjv a few years back, both spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.
    In my area, there isn’t a kjv reading church. I try to be loving and the pastor will “listen”, but I see a glossy eye and doesn’t really listen.

    If I press, it turns badly, so I don’t anymore. My wife says she doesn’t want to listen or read literature on the subject, but when something doesn’t seem right in a sermon or in her ESV, she asks me for what the kjv says and then she appreciates my help. English is her second language and she finds the ESV easy to understand. Interestingly, the Russian bible she has from her grandmother follows the RT tradition and has 1 John 5:7 and everything! It’s old russian, which is apparently harder to read than our kjv.

    I do feel sad that I can’t convince anyone in my church about the subject.
    I listen to your sermons and a few other pastors regularly off youtube. Very regularly. This helps me to grow in many ways. Thank you. For otherwise. I would feel more alone.

    Have you ever heard of a church that transitioned back to a kjv? Or heard of a layman used of God to help bring the church back around? What method may have been employed?

    For now, I pray and pray and speak honestly. And i’m still waiting on the LORD for revival. Almost every Sunday I feel frustrated and dirty for hearing the poor doctrine and bad translation. But God still wants us to attend and be active in a local church.

    Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness. Thank you for reading this email, and I hope you are encouraged that your ministry is reaching believers you’ve never met. If you have any advice, I thank you for your care.

    Thank you from Wisconsin, CJ.

  2. Sonya Silvey on January 11, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    Good Evening Mr. Gipp,

    I wanted to put a face with a name before I started reading your book An Understandable History of the Bible. I looked up a couple sermons on youtube.I really enjoy your teaching style and sense of humor. Happy to learn that you are still teaching. So many books I read the authors are no longer around to ask questions. I recently read the History of the Waldenses. They went through allot. It filled my heart with happiness that no matter what they stood on the Truth and want to climb the mountain back to their homes. I’m a King James 1611 Authorized Version Bible Believing Baptist. 🙂 After reading the history of the Waldenses I wanted to connect the dots back to the Old Latin Bible. There doesn’t seem to be much information how they got the Bible. There seems to be 1,000 years. Between the Old Latin and then the Waldenses. Trying to put the puzzle together. Would love to speak with you on the phone sometime one evening.

    About to read your book An Understandable History of the Bible right now.

    Thank you for your labor of love to teach God’s Word.


    Sonya Silvey

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