August 2019

Dear Friends,


Summer is almost over. We will soon be back in Meridian for the start of Bible Institute. Since our last letter I’ve preached in: Connecticut, New York, Idaho, West Virginia and Canada. We’ve heard numerous testimonies of changed lives for Christ.


The 4th Edition of An Understandable History of the Bible is still at the printer’s. Every time we have had this book reprinted there has been a printing problem that holds it up. Nope, the printer is not at fault. It is just steady resistance to what this book teaches.

As soon as we receive the new UH from the printer we have to reprint The Time When There Was No Bible and then we can have the new book, Why We Believe the King James Bible, printed. I’m still working on the 2nd Answer Book. During the school year I am either teaching, preaching or traveling to do one or the other. It greatly cuts into my time to write so during the summer I keep the hammer down and the computer smokin’!


We were back in Meridian for the 2019 Preachers’ Conference. During that meeting we had 20 students sign up for this Fall. That is in addition to whoever had already enrolled.

I am looking forward to this year. We will be instituting the new three year curriculum. It will be more intense and should thoroughly equip a young man to preach or make a more productive church member out of those who are not called to preach.

Our instructors are ready for class and I am excited to see what this school year holds for all concerned!

Please continue to pray for us. Prayer is the fuel that keeps us going.

The Motor Home

In late July our motor home finally sold. We had hoped to make enough to put down on a house but the profit we would have gotten went to the RV dealer who sold it instead. But, we didn’t go in the hole and we are now free to seriously start looking for a house when we get back to Meridian.

Unfortunately, Californians are fleeing their home state like Mexicans are fleeing theirs and their destination is Idaho. Over 600,000 people moved into Idaho in the last two years. Flush with profits from selling over-priced California homes they have been vacuuming up all the available houses. In addition to that house prices have sky-rocketed. Houses that we looked at three years ago that sold for $180,000 are now priced at $300,000. We missed the “Buyer’s Market” and ran right into a “Seller’s Market!”

Five days after we get back to Idaho I fly out for a meeting in Canada and then teach/fly/preach/fly for the rest of the month. Therefore, starting in October we’re going to start house-shopping to see what we can find. Your kind prayers would be appreciated in this quest.


Kathy’s eye has given her quite a bit of trouble this summer. It has been irritated and sore. She takes two different eye-drops everyday. One causes Glaucoma and the other causes cataracts but if she doesn’t take the drops it is painful.

My neck is what it is. Driving has one set of problems and flying has its own unique “challenges.” But, other than that I feel great and love what we’re doing.

Recently I was talking to a 32 year old young man. He asked how long we had been on the road. I said, “Since a year before you were born.” It shocked both of us!

On August 12th Kathy & I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. It’s been great!…for me. But this poor lady has been shackled to me for 47 years now. I told her if she ever divorces me I’m going to testify on her behalf! She’s the greatest!

But the Lord is good and Kathy & I love the opportunity to serve him.

In Christ’s Service,

Samuel C. Gipp


  1. LouAnn Benham from BHBC in Coon Rapids,MN on September 3, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    So glad to find out your RV finally sold! Praise the Lord! I’m praying you can soon find an affordable home. Also, continued prayers regarding your neck & Kathy’s eye as well as safety in all of your travels. God is so good to provide. Psalm 107:1

  2. Chris on September 12, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Hello Bro Gipp, I’m a Pastor in North Carolina, and would love to have you come preach for us sometime.

  3. Jason Sippola on September 29, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    It was really good to see you again at Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, PA. The message was great as always. It was a desperately needed rebuke and reminder. I pray the Lord continually bless you and Mrs. Gipp. Thank you.

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