Letter #143


This is Letter From a Friend number 143. Since I have for many years told Kathy, “1-4-3!” meaning, “I- love-you!” before I begin this letter I would like to say that I love my wife! On the 12th of this month, back in 1972, we were married. It took! It has been forty-three wonderful years! We will both confess that when we got married we never thought we would still be here in 2015 but I’ve often told Kathy, “Everyday that the Lord doesn’t come back is one more day I get to spend with you.” I like that!

Back in 1970, while a single Bible college student I asked God for a wife. Although I wanted someone who was beautiful I never asked for that. I simply prayed, “God, give me someone who will understand that she will never be my first love. That will always be You. She will be my second love. Also, give me a wife who will love You more than she loves me. I never want to be her first love.” God graciously answered that prayer and here we are 43 years later and I can still look at her and say, “1-4-3!”

“Pizza for President”

Young men want to fight. They want a cause wolivesgiving their life for. A computer game is not that
cause. Neither are sports, careers, internet fixations or anything having to do with a camera. Our nation is on the ropes and may go down. An entire generation is passing off the scene and the next one up seems too pre- occupied with enjoying the easy life to take up the fight. What if your church had a “Pizza for President” night run solely by the teens & 20s where they got together for pizza and only conversed about what they could do to turn America around?


Zero. That’s the number of churches that have lost their tax exemption status for political activity. You
say, “But I heard…” Yes. You heard churches could their exemption it from a Liberal trying to intimidate you into inactivity or from a scared Conservative who they had succeeded in scaring into silence.
Relax. It’s Hopeless!

1. They can monitor you with your credit card purchases.
2. They can follow you with your cell phone
3. They can shut off your car
4. You may have a rifle but they have tanks, airplanes and missiles.
5. They have young men that are well trained to kill their opposition.

Oh well, looks like there’s nothing left to do but TRUST THE LORD to take care of us! How can you go wrong when you put yourself into the care of the eternal God?

Remember, Pro. 21:31 says, “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.” You don’t simply unhitch a horse from the plow and ride off into battle. He’ll throw you and run off the first time he hears a shot. You train him to get used to the sound of gunfire, to make certain moves to protect his rider. Then he’s ready for battle…but safety is up to the Lord.

You may think you’re prepared for whatever is ahead. Good. You should be. But the moment you say, “I have nothing to worry about, I’m prepared.” you’re a fool. Prepare as best you can and then throw yourself at the feet of God and beg Him to protect you.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Rep. Bill Johnson

Rep. Bill Johnson was raised on a farm in North Carolina. His family situation was not good so he spent a great deal of his time with his Bible-reading grandparents. One day, five-year-old Billy saw some kids with candy and asked where they got it. They said, “A blue bus picks us up on Sunday morning and takes us to church and gives us the candy.” Young Bill wanted some of that candy! The next Sunday morning he let his parents sleep but woke his little sister up, dressed her and they went out to the curb and got on the “Blue Bus.” Bill & his sister went to church that morning and Bill trusted Christ as his Saviour. Today he is a Representative for the State of Ohio in Congress and would shock you with his knowledge of God’s word.

Remember Our Schools!

In 1962 this country told God, “We don’t want you in our schools!” and look where they are today. Rape, murder, drugs, riots not to mention the fact that they can no longer read cursive and lack a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics and geography. (I know, your schools are “different.”)

With the recent Suborned Court decision of homosexual marriage America has now told God, “We don’t want you in our country!” So, judging from the success that’s been in our schools where do you think this country is headed?
Those Gutless Politicians!

We all “love to hate” those gutless politicians who are too afraid of “bad press” to say what they know is right. (I’m not endorsing Donald Trump but he doesn’t seem to suffer from that affliction.) We listen to them “crawdad” instead of taking a “bold and courageous stand” for the truth. Well, if you’re against homosexual marriage (If your not against it you’re against God.) and yet you’re afraid to speak up against, it then where are you any different from those OTHER “gutless politicians!”

Our nation is in this sad shape because too many “gutless Christians” have been just as cowardly as the politicians they love to condemn and pretend to be better than. So then, where is our hope?

Will There Be a Third Revolution?

The First American Revolution ended when the 13 former Colonies defeated Great Britain and founded
the United States of America. The Second American Revolution ended when the Supreme Court overthrew the U.S. Constitution and established Sodomite marriage. This revolution began in the late 1940s and continued quietly as colleges and then high schools and then lower schools were converted to a different value system than the Founders had. The late Supreme Court decision was the crowning accomplishment of that revolution. Is it a true revolution? Well, wasn’t the will of the vast majority of the population overruled by the more powerful Liberals? The question is, will the conquered Americans now take to the streets to “take our country back.” Answer: I don’t know. It depends on the ruthlessness of our Liberal masters. But this I do know, neither side will win. I personally don’t see how the peasants, no matter how determined, are going to defeat tanks, planes, ships and missiles. But it doesn’t matter because whichever side manages to excel, just before they win the (now weakened) United States would be invaded by a Russia/China coalition. And that will be that.

Fight On!

In October of 1918 members of the American Expeditionary Force watched helplessly as a group of German soldiers, well out of rifle range, began to set up a machine gun which would soon bring them great grief. Upon hearing the woes of his fellow Doeboys, Private Herman Davis, asked why they didn’t just shoot the Germans. They were over 1,000 yards away, too far to hit, he was told. “Why, that’s just good shooting distance,” the country boy replied. Then he took his standard 1903 Springfield rifle, took aim over his very low tech iron sites and shot the offending enemy soldiers down. You never know until you try! Fight on!

The hymn, “Zion’s Hill” says “beyond the reach of mortal ken,” not “kin.” Ken is sight, “mortal sight.”

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