Letter #135

Why Are There “Third World” Nations?

If evolution is true then all civilizations started at the same time. So why are there “Third World” countries? Why have Christian, European-modeled societies outstripped the rest of the world in development? Why have these societies been the ones that have advanced the cause of Mankind while pagan societies have remained stagnant and primitive? Why didn’t the Arabs invent the electric light? Why didn’t Africa give Man the telephone? How many diseases have been eradicated by the “humanitarian efforts” of the Red Chinese?

In fact, why are there “Third World” countries at all? No, you can’t claim that “evil” white society has held these nations back. White society was developing in parallel with them. Why haven’t all societies developed at the same rate? In fact, if “all men are created equal” and somehow white society overcame other societies that means whites somehow “developed” superior enough to overcome all others. (Maybe evolutionists believe that whites were created a little more “equal” than all the rest!) No, Bible-oriented society unleashed the creativity that resides in all men, no matter what color they are, which caused it to rocket far beyond pagan societies and then, just as the Bible instructed, turned around to help those whose false gods had so miserably failed them. When the earthquakes hit, when the famines struck, when the plagues decimated pagan societies it was the world’s Christian societies that sent relief, food and medicine because the Bible, not race made them superior.

What Are You Putting In Your Temple?

Many are careful about what they put in their bodies. They want it “organic” and “natural” with no artificial of chemicals. Their water is filtered and their food has no preservatives. Their body is a temple and they worship it. Yet there is no filter on what goes into their soul. What do you watch? What do you listen to? What are you putting into this shrine that you take such meticulous physical care of?

Does “Racial Profiling” Have a Benefit?

If the Immigration & Naturalization Service had “racially profiled,” the 9/11 attacks would never have taken place and Obama would be living with his half-brother in a mud hut in Kenya.

Fight On!

Henry Oleson was the foreman for a railroad section gang near Missoula, Montana in 1901. One day, while his men were busy working, three black bears approached them, one, full grown and two half-grown cubs. Oleson, bare-handed, charged the biggest one before it could assault his men. The two wrestled around until Oleson secured a small club and rapped the beast on the nose. Then he grabbed an iron bridge bolt and finished the job…and his men were safe. Fight on!

English, the Language of the World

The Pyongyang US&T in Pyongyang, North Korea is an “English only” technical university right in the capital of Communist NK. No, it isn’t open only to students who speak English. It is open to all but has classes to teach English because all classes are taught in that language because English is the language of the world.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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