Letter #125

Did You See It?

Do you remember what happened the very day before our Navy SEALS got Osama Bin Ladin? That day NATO air strikes tried to kill Qadaffy and instead killed one of his sons and three of his grandchildren. When I heard that Obama’s War had killed three grandchildren I imaged the horror that even liberal News Journalists would feel and the questions they would have for our favorite Kenyan the very next day. But, lo and behold, that very night, after sitting on it for a year, Obama ordered the hit of Osama and…no one ever put his feet to the fire about murdering anyone’s little children. The “Peeled Grape” wins again!

Obama, the Accomplice of Murderers

When you say something you know isn’t true you are a liar. When you blame someone for something you know they didn’t do you are guilty of slander. When you blame them for something you did you are a hypocrite. When you sell a criminal the weapon they murder someone with you are an accomplice to the crime. Barak Obama is all of the above. His “Fast & Furious” program sold 2,500 guns to Mexican gangs. Those guns were used in crimes including the murder of United States agents. While Mexicans were committing crimes with guns his FBI/BATF sold to them, that self-righteous Kenyan was sticking his proud nose in the air and blaming U. S. gun dealers for selling the guns to them. (That’s called a “frame-up.”) Remember the “scandal” of the Iran/Contra gun sales to rebels who were trying to free their country of Communist domination. Where is the News Mafia’s indignation now?

Don’t lay the blame on the agents involved! When they protested they were told to shut up and continue the program. Think there will be any Congressional investigations that mean anything about this? Maybe Obama will get impeached…and then get re-elected in 2012.

Truth Has Fallen in the Streets

I think the Casey Anthony verdict has well illustrated that the thought processes of Americans have been so diluted by television that even the common man is no longer able to make a moral decision. If you have been puffed up by TV into praising our judicial system for acquitting the murderers, don’t pat yourself on your pride- filled back while trumpeting justice at the price of a murdered child. I guarantee that 50 years ago she would have been found guilty by a less “enlightened” but more mentally stable jury.

“Casey Anthony” the Movie

It shouldn’t be long before we hear that Hollywood is paying the baby-killing-party-slut (Oops! Did I offend you? Did the verdict offend you?!) Has been made a millionairess for her crime. I have decided to offer my own candidates for the key parts:

1. Casey Anthony – Lady Gaga (repulsive, soulless, self-serving creep)

2. George & Sindy Anthony – Bill & Hellary Clinton (Two adequately sleazy candidates)

3. Jose` Baez – Harry Reid (Low-life scumbag)

4. Charlie Sheen – Police Investigator (Clueless, confident idiot)

5. Caylee – Nancy Pelosi (Please! Oh, please!)

6. Blood-thirsty News Journalists – Blood-thirsty News Journalists (Who needs to act the part?)

Meeting the 7000

Caleb Vaughn

Caleb is a 17-year-old computer-savvy teen. His Dad told me they were in a computer store and he noticed Caleb going from computer to computer doing something. As they left he looked at the screens of all the computers and they were playing Sam Gipp preaching! How about you doing that? No! It doesn’t have to be Sam Gipp. But I bet you can think of some preacher that you would like to “share” with the world.

Those Disgusting WalMart Shoppers

I’m sure you’ve seen those emails of horribly dressed disgusting looking low-life types shopping at Wal Mart. But have you asked yourself why you’re getting them? Wal Mart is one of the last remaining profitable businesses left in our country. Someone wants to destroy it along with the remainder of our economy. (Now, who would want that?) Try thinking! Do you think those people dressed in such a horrid fashion just to go to WalMart? I doubt it. They probably go everywhere dressed that awful. So why try to stick WalMart with that image? To get you to stop shopping there and finish off our economy.(How do you dress when you go out?) Those pictures are actually an indictment against our public schools, Hollywood and the “fashion” trendsetters who have carefully degraded us into the shameless low-lifes you see in those photos. You should be disgusted with those three evil organizations! But you won’t, because you will only have the thoughts that your television places in your head. So, put on your pink shorts and head for WalMart!

Charlie Sheen’s New TV Program

You’ve heard that Charlie Sheen has a new TV program. After being fired from Two-and-a-Half-Men (They changed the name to “Two Men” after that.) the Drooler has landed a new show. It’s a sitcom where he simply tries to get people to take him serious! (That very thought makes me laugh!)

Fight On!

Fred Giannaros, a thin, 23- year-old, Christian youth leader, was standing in line at his bank in April of 1986 when a man walked past him and knocked on the door of the manager’s office. When the manager opened the door, the man, a disgruntled Marxist, drove a 10-inch knife into his stomach. As the manager dropped to the floor, his assailant launched himself at him trying to plunge the knife into his chest. Giannoros saw the injured man taking slashes to his upraised hands. He rushed over and threw one arm around the attacker’s neck and with the other tried to control his knife hand. Just then two employees grabbed the wounded manager, pulled him into the office and slammed the door. Giannoros was alone with a crazed killer and growing tired. The two struggled for what seemed an eternity when suddenly Giannoros heard noises behind him. The police had arrived and they took the suspect into custody. The bank manager survived his ordeal because a quick-thinking customer made a withdrawal on courage. Fight on!


Christianity and homosexuality are incompatible. Homosexuals are too perverted and too intolerant to allow such. Since this nation was founded on the Bible it embraced Christianity and made homosexuality illegal. Now that homosexuals have taken over the leadership positions in Hollywood, the News Mafia, our public schools and our state and Federal legislatures our nation is embracing homosexuality. So what do you suppose will soon be made illegal?

Grace? What Grace?

Many self-centered, selfish, shallow Christian young people who were raised by good folks in straight churches and are more dedicated to themselves than God are fleeing for sanctuary to apostate contemporary churches where they shed their former convictions and bask in hatred for their parents. It’s amazing that a ministry that trumpets grace for all only manifests hatred in anyone who doesn’t agree with it.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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