Are Homosexuals Superior To YOU?

I am sure you consider yourself superior to a homosexual, and you are…morally. Morally homosexuals are the lowest form of human life. That is not a hate-filled rant. It is a simple truth. They are vile and repulsive and horribly intolerant. The News Mafia has file film of “Gay Pride” parades that they dare not show because they know it would put an instant end to their pro-homosexual agenda. But are homosexuals braver than you?

This year alone homosexuals have lost battle after battle, yet, they are brave enough to keep on fighting. Christians have never lost a battle. Rather than fight they simply surrender ground without a fight. Homosexuals are so dedicated to their (perverted) cause that:

They never give up
They don’t care if their enemies hate them
Christians are just the opposite. They give up without a fight and are scared to death that someone might say or think something bad of them if they take a stand for righteousness.

There are two words that describe our Saviour that no Christian wants to be used to describe them, “despised” and “rejected.” So rather than resist evil, rather than be salt, Christians run from any encounter with the forces of evil and then do what they do so well…gripe. Like a bunch of old hens they gather together and moan, “Did you hear what they’ve done now?…”

I am not a Post-millenialist nor a Reconstructionist. I do not believe in “bringing in the Kingdom” nor “Restoring the Constitution.” I believe today what I believed 35 years ago when I got saved. One of these days Jesus Christ is going to return and “catch us away” in what we call “The Rapture.” Then there is going to be a 7 year period called in the Bible “The Tribulation.” I am not going through even ten minutes of the Tribulation. You can stay around for as much as you wish. After that Tribulation the Lord is going to militantly return as recorded in Revelation 19 ans setup what we call His “Millennial Kingdom.”

I was taught that 35 years ago when I got saved. I checked it against the Bible and believe it is “dead on” accurate for the future. Some have chosen to wander from this truth. I have not.

So why then should we fight the forces of evil and try to stop their progress when the Bible speaks of a great apostasy before Christ’s return? Because the one question mark in what we believe is when will the Rapture happen? You have heard me decry it enough that, although it would seem Christ’s return is right around the corner, we have been wrong time-after-time in dating his return. I know! I know! You say, “But the degeneration of the world has to take place before Christ returns.” Right. But if we have a few years before He returns (I know! You know it’s this year…and you’ve “known” that incorrectly for thirty years!) then our inaction will bring on a degeneration that is not the one spoken of for the last days.

Here are some reasons we should fight the World instead of each other until the Lord’s return:

1. Silence is not innocence – We have all heard the illustration of a man driving on through the night headed for a bridge that is out and passes a man who knows the bridge is out but does not warn him. He is guilty of his blood. He doesn’t have to actively say, “It’s OK. Keep going.” and send the man to his death. He only has to inactively say nothing to achieve the same result…with the same guilt.

If we do nothing to stop evil in our country, we are as guilty as the dopers and rock stars for its destruction.

2. Be a “Spoiler” – In the military there is what is called a “Spoiling” attack. Your enemy is poised to attack your weakest spot so you attack him first in another area. He has to bleed off his troops to fight your attack and thus is unable to mount the attack he planned.

If we would attack the World about abortion, School curriculum, gun control or anyplace at all, they would have to divert forces to fight our attack and be powerless to mount their own. Everybody knows they have a very limited pool of manpower. The nuts picketing the Republican Convention are the same nuts who picket for “abortion Rights”, “Homosexual Rights”, the Environment, gun control and every other liberal cause. They just simply change signs to fit the occasion. If we attacked them we would deplete their manpower and reduce their effectiveness.

3. We are God’s Army – The job of an army is not defensive. It is to offensively take territory away from its enemies. God did not intend for us huddle timidly in our “bunker” and wait trembling for “The End.” (You know, those “Concentration Camps” they’re going to take us to in those “Black helicopters.” Eek! I scared myself!) God told Paul to get out of Asia and take the Gospel into Europe. He sent His servants out of Europe to establish the United States. For centuries He has been telling missionaries to “go” not “hide.”

By doing nothing to upset the World’s plans we are actively working to bring about the devil’s goals. Is that what you want your life to be known for in eternity? I’d rather lose trying to do something than succeed at doing nothing. Don’t hide your cowardice behind pseudo-spirituality.

4. We are supposed to be “salt” – Salt does not stop rot by hiding in its “bunker’, the salt shaker. If it doesn’t not “get out there” it is ineffective and worthy to be trampled underfoot. We have a Divine mandate to resist and actively fight evil. Anything less is dereliction of duty.

5. They are Christ’s enemies – We have a moral obligation to face down Christ’s enemies. You can count yourself “holy” because you “pray for those who despitefully use you.” Good. You should. But those are your personal enemies. The World hates Jesus Christ and we have a moral and scriptural obligation to engage and defeat His enemies.

6. Redirect your courage – I am amazed that some of you are not at all afraid to confront a preacher but shrink from confronting an environmentalist, teacher or any other of the devil’s soldiers. You will actively try to damage a church but expend no effort to damage the devil’s organizations. Why are you bold against your own? Why are you so willing to do something the devil would cheer you on to do?

If you are dedicated to doing nothing, if your “strength is to sit still”, if you are afraid to do anything that would make God’s enemies hate you, then when you see the homosexuals boldly, bravely, PUBLICLY taking their stand for evil, then call some other lifeless, gutless Christian you know and whine about it. But remember that that pervert is braver than you are. And when they have the legal right to proposition your children on the street don’t decide then to act, because it will be too late. And besides, you’ll only be reaping the “fruits” you have encouraged to grow.

Are you going to do something? Or are you going to do nothing? Pray and ask God’s direction.

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