Letter #142

Cutting Gasoline Usage Without Crippling the Private Car Owner

The technology for natural gas or full electric vehicles is growing. But converting the entire fleet of the nation’s private cars to natural gas or electric presents a massive undertaking. The cost of every major automobile manufacturer tooling up to build electric cars will be absolutely prohibitive for some. Then there is the problem of infrastructure, building thousands of natural gas or electric recharging stations across the country and around the world. But the fact is that none of this tremendous expense is necessary. Here’s a way to literally enjoy the “best of both worlds.” Apply these fuels to niche vehicles. Have city buses convert to electric or natural gas. Then only one filling station (or a finite number of them) will need to be built. Also, city, county and state road equipment could switch with a smaller required fueling system than if all private vehicles do so. In large cities there could be benefits granted for taxis (a huge number of Prius sales are taxis) that switch to a fuel other than gasoline. Again, a limited number of filling stations would be servicing a vast number of vehicles. Over-the-road trucks could be encouraged to switch. Then, the truck stops that want the increased business would have good reason to add a method for refueling them.

Why Not “Electric Boost” Rather Than Electric Cars?

Electric cars are dedicated to electric power only and have limited use. There may not be a need to switch the entire fleet of privately owned cars to electrics. The very worst gas mileage a vehicle gets is when it’s starting out from a dead stop. Traffic lights are mileage killers. Why not add an electric motor to the drive line, right behind the transmission? It can be made to engage whenever the vehicle is starting from a dead stop. The added electric drive would reduce the strain on the gas engine thus lowering fuel useage.

Meeting the 7000

Wally Stuchul

If you met Wally Stuchul you have met a genuine historic person. Wally was serving aboard the USS Franklin, the most decorated aircraft carrier in history, when it was devastated by kamikaze attacks in World War II. Wally is a slight, wiry individual with piercing eyes and a degree of self-confidence you can only envy. He has always been a “lean into it” Christian. My Dad worked at Republic Steel for 43 years. When I got saved I witnessed to him and frequently gave him tracts. One day after I gave him a tract he said, “I’ve seen these before, Son. I’ve gotten them for years down at the shop.” It was shortly after this I met Wally. When he heard my name he asked, “Are you Johnny Gipp’s boy? I’ve given your Dad tracts for years down at Republic!” Wow! I had actually encountered the very Christian that had been witnessing to my Dad even before I was saved!

Today Wally is 92 years old and literally still going strong for the Lord. He still has a gleam in his eye and a spring in his step. Wally drives around town and collects scrap metal to redeem and then uses the money to send needy kids to Youth Camp. Last year alone he gave 138 kids the opportunity to attend Summer Camp and in some cases to hear the Gospel who wouldn’t have. Wally began serving the Lord as soon as he got saved and has never missed a beat. He is an inspiration to any Christian to keep going for the Lord until you go Home or He comes back to get us all.

If your heart is still beating then you can be serving the Lord!

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