Letter #138

You Know You’re Old When:
1. The Beatles have become easy listening
2. You see a 1964 Mustang and the license plate reads “Antique Car.”
3. Your children think Roy Rogers is famous for his fried chicken.
4. You once owned a windup wristwatch.
5. Your family once owned a black & white TV without a remote.
6. You remember oil based paint.
7. You remember shopping “downtown.”
8. You know who Walter Brennan was.
9. Your parents’ car didn’t have power windows, power locks or air conditioning.
10. You remember “Armistice Day.”
11. You can sit in a room with someone you graduated from high school with and neither of you recognizes the other.

What Happened to Flight 370?

The truth is we will probably never know. We’ve been told it crashed into the Indian Ocean which simply does not make sense. The stealing of the jet went off perfectly, exactly as the pilots desired. Now we’re to believe they planned and executed this difficult feat just so they could fly the plane into the ocean? I’ve seen an email that purports to be from one of the passengers who claims he’s being held hostage in a location that the phone’s GPS locator points to the U.S. base on the tiny island of Diego Garcia. Maybe it’s legitimate and maybe it’s not.

The standard line of reasoning is that a terrorist group wanted the 777 to use in a future terror attack. Could be. Maybe it wasn’t about the plane at all. Is it possible that the whole event was a worldwide diversion? Was it designed to keep the attention of the world or more importantly, divert the sea based military of the world away from a specified area?

Whatever, I can assure you that “the powers that be” are smarter than we are at being totally ruthless and evil. We can only pray that whatever the end goal is the Lord interrupts the plan before the trap is snapped.

Is It Important to Read the Bible?

I have preached for years that Christians should read the Bible. But is it really important to read the Bible? Here are some of the reasons why it would be beneficial to anyone to read the Bible:

1. It’s the only place on earth that you can access something from outside our universe. Every book, story, movie, song or anything else has been generated from within our corrupted, dying system. When you read the Bible you not only access something from outside the universe but you access the mind of God.

2. It will help suppress your natural wickedness. Instead of wasting time with “How to…” books and “Christian psychology” books, let the supernatural power of the Bible strengthen you against your flesh. This is the single best way to get some control over sin & selfishness.

3. When you read a book you read the author. When you read the Bible you will also be reading the personality of God. If you don’t read the Bible all you’ll ever know about God is what someone else tells you.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Steve Brown

Bro. Brown was employed by Sprint as a Software Engineer. He had the desire to help churches get more exposure on the Internet. He retired and invested his retirement in video equipment. Now, he and his wife, Mary, travel the country in a truck & 5th wheel and live-stream the services for Revivals, Camp Meetings, Mission Conferences and Bible Conferences. He uses six cameras so the angles vary and the picture quality is great. Bro. Brown can be contacted at 501-247-9355. You can see his website at: SteveBrownMinistries.com.

“Post Traumatic Stress”

I heard a recent report that half of the veterans returning from the Gulf War “have mental problems.”I have two views on this statement. First that it isn’t completely true and second that it doesn’t have to be true. First, I spoke with a returned soldier. He said that before they are brought back home all returning soldiers are told, “You have mental problems.” The greatest warrior on this planet is the U.S. soldier. Those in our own government who hate the prowess of our soldiers seek to turn them into mental casualties by planting the suggestion that they cannot escape PTSS. Thus, whenever they have any kind of a problem they will automatically believe it’s all because of having been in combat. Thus other young men will not volunteer. The soldiers of World Wars I & II also endured horrible things in combat but didn’t have near the emotional problems we see today. That’s not because it wasn’t yet recognized or reported. It’s because they had an advantage today’s soldiers don’t have. They had the Bible instilled in them from their youth. They read it in school, they went to church and our society, in general, was Bible-oriented. The Bible gives a soldier an inner strength that nothing else can supply. Now that we have several generations raised with a spiritual vacuum within they do not possess the spiritual strength to handle the emotional burden of modern combat.

They WILL Shoot!

It has taken the Muslim five years but he has finally found a way to get a corrupt, military force that will back his dictatorial orders and willingly shoot uncooperative American citizens. His problem has always been that our military personnel have too much character to do anything so vile. Obama needed to eliminate the quality people in the military & replace them with people not connected by any emotional bond to Americans. He did that in a two-step process. By opening the military to homosexuals he will drive out all the quality people. They will leave on their own or be driven out via courts-martial. Then he opened the way for non-citizens to fill the vacancies. These people will feel no restraint when told to fire on American citizens who resist America’s new dictator. Can this diabolical plan be stopped? Sure, it will only take a miracle.

Fight On!

In 1833 Kit Carson, Levin Mitchell and Joe Meek and three Delaware Indians, Tom Hill, Jonas and Manhead, were trapping along the Arkansas River. They were attacked by a force of 200 Comanches. They were surrounded on the plains with nowhere to run. Rather than give up hope, they killed their mules and built a crude fort of their bodies. Then, using only single shot rifles they withstood attack after attack. Three men fired while the other three reloaded. None of the six was killed but they were responsible for killing 42 of their attackers. That night the six men silently slipped away from the trap and made their way back to their base. Fight on!

Don’t Remove “Baptist” from Your Church Name

Don’t remove “Baptist” from your church name because you’re “tired of fighting over it” or because you think it will bring more visitors. The visitors will all be Charismatics who won’t stay. As far as being tired of fighting over the name, nah, you’re just tired of fighting! Take two weeks off then come back & get back in the war.

But, if you’ve surrendered to your flesh and corrupted your church by making it a contemporary church, then please, please take Baptist off the name! We have enough problems, we don’t have to subscribe our name to apostasy.

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