Letter #123

Public Assassination of U.S. Navy Officer

The trained assassins of that world terrorist organization known as the News Media publically assassinated U. S. Navy officer, Captain Owen Honor. These terrorists were outraged because, while the Executive Officer on board the USS Enterprise, Capt. Honor produced what the New Mafia called, “lewd” videos. This outrage came from those same jaded people who have nothing negative to say about the movies produced regularly by Hollywood that make Honor’s production look like a kid’s cartoon. Why did the New Mafia react so violently? Because in his video Capt. Honor made “gay slurs.” I told you that you would see members of the U.S. military have their careers destroyed to send a message to every normal person in the military not to resist open queers in the military. More will come.

Where’s the “Ted Stevens” Movie?

Ted Stevens was the Senator from Alaska who was assassinated by the New Mafia in the last election to help the Dems secure their “60 vote majority.” He was charged with crimes by the Alaska State prosecutor. This act assured his loss at the polls. Once the election was over it was revealed there was no crime and the charges were dropped. Then, Senator Stevens dies in a mysterious plane crash. A survivor of the crash said there was no warning, that the plane just flew right into the side of a mountain. Then, the prosecutor who originally brought the charges suddenly died!
Did Stevens decide to look into his political assassination and pay with his life? Was the prosecutor an unreliable weak link that had to be eliminated? Whether there was a plot or not, isn’t this the very scenario that Hollywood jumps at to make a movie? So, where’s the movie? Or is it true?

Stealth Technology Given to China

Noshir Gowadia was sentenced to 32 years in prison for “selling” the stealth technology for our B-2 bomber to the Chinese. I can assure you it was passed to China with the blessing of the “Powers That Be” just like our military secrets were passed to the old Soviet Union in order to give them parity with the U.S.

Did Jesus Save the Jews?

If everything Jesus did was written down the world couldn’t contain all the books. Then in our four Gospel accounts, we barely scratch the surface of all he did. There must have been tens of thousands of Jews alive at the end of Jesus’ ministry that would have been dead if he had not healed them or raised them from the dead. Did this add to the number of Jews alive when Jerusalem fell in 70AD that there were so many Jews they escaped annihilation?

The Friend of Our Enemy is Our Enemy

CNN recently did a piece lionizing Palestinian women who have volunteered to be terrorists. CNN did all they could to hide the fact that women are taking over that duty because the men are dead! News Mafia will never do a story that might discourage any of their allies; Muslims, queers, environmentalists, etc. They will always spin the story to look like a victory for anyone who hates God, the Bible and the USA.

Meeting the 7000

Anita Cooper

I have known Mrs. Cooper for about 20 years, back when she was a spry 70 years old. This dear Saint of God is now 90 and going strong. She broke her hip a few years ago and we all thought, “This is the end.” Nope! She bounced back & is doing fine. She was upset that the Lord didn’t take her home. She is faithful to her church and loves the Lord & her pastor. She has raised her children to be God-fearing and to live right. I know a few & they are heeding her instruction. What will they say about you when you’re 90?
If I Was An Indian I’d Thank God For White Men

1. After murdering and wasting whole herds of buffalo I’d thank God for someone who invented refrigeration.

2. After “Slash & burn” farming that destroyed entire forests I’d thank God for someone who believed in reforestation.

3. After farming that killed the soil I’d thank God for someone who invented fertilizer and crop rotation.

4. After freezing in a teepee I’d thank God someone came up with central heat.

5. After killing myself riding horses I’d thank God for cars.

6. After centuries of merciless tribal warfare I’d thank God for peace.

7. After worshipping trees & rivers I’d thank God someone told me about the true God.

8. After living in a system that treated women as a piece of property I’d thank God for the Bible, which gives women dignity.

9. After centuries of dying from simple diseases I’d thank God someone came up with medicine.

10. After years spent living in ignorance I’d thank God for education.

11. After being able to travel only about 15 miles a day I’d thank God I could go 70 miles in an hour.

If I was an Indian I’d thank God for White people!

Calling All Idiots!

I have a friend who has a very unique telephone directory. It only has the cell phone numbers of IDIOTS. He is going to start calling the number of these mouth-breathing idiots every Sunday & Wednesday during church service times. How will you know who’s an idiot? Simple, their cell phone will ring during service!

Fight On!

Deane and Lorraine Lengkeek of Holland, MI., were hiking to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park on August 30, 1991, when a sow bear with two cubs attacked them. The beast charged into Deane and bit him in the shoulder, arm, and chest. Before the attack happened, Lorraine, a 62-year-old grandmother with fifteen grandchildren, had been musing over the beauty around her and singing the hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” Now she was watching a mad grizzly bear savaging the man she had spent most of her life with. This would never do! The only weapon Lorraine had was the binoculars she was carrying around her neck. The 5′ 4″, 130 lb. grandmother and wife took the binoculars by the strap and in a defensive rage swung them, smashing them down on the bear’s head. The stunned brute looked up at the fire in the little lady’s eyes and bolted. Deane was helicoptered to the hospital and survived.

More Contemporary Apostacy

At a recent gathering of apostate contemporary “professional speakers” (I wouldn’t call them “preachers”) a speaker told his fellow apostates that no sermon needs to be longer than seven minutes.

One-line Truths

Buick outsold Audi, Acura, and Infinity in 2010.

The goal of Liberals is to outlaw Christianity. They desire genocide on Christians.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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