Anti-Bullying Hypocrisy Exposed

We go to war in Libya to “stop a dictator from murdering thousands of his subjects” then do nothing in Syria while “a dictator murders thousands of his subjects.” This is just one example of the hypocrisy of the “peace loving” politicians of the world whose real motives all center around an agenda that only ever increases their power over the Common People.

Nothing exposed this vile two-faced hypocrisy more than this year’s speaker at the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. These two dishonest educational associations allowed a vile sex pervert by the name of Dan Savage to address the conference on the subject of “anti-bullying” during which this pervert repeatedly bullied any of his listeners who chose not to submit to his ant-Christian, anti-Bible tirade. Savage lives down to his name as he said the Bible was “bulls__t” and said anyone who didn’t submit to his vile hate-speech was “pansy-a__ed.” No one from either sponsoring association stopped the Savage bullying proving they approve of bullying if it is used to further their agenda. This is not a “free speech” issue it is a “hate-speech” issue. But then, both organizations embrace hate-speech if it is used by someone saying what they approve of. (Another “anti-bullying” hypocrite by the name of Barak Obama invited Savage and his “husband” to be his guests at the 2011 White House Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Month reception. Obama has also reportedly donated to Savage’s hate-group entitled “It Gets Better.” (“Bitter”?)

During his repulsive, JEA & NSPA sanctioned toilet-talk tirade, Savage spoke as a representative of the Book he hates, the Bible. The pervert claimed that the Bible promoted slavery and therefore is no moral guide concerning his sin, homosexuality. Of course, because both the JEA & NSPA also espouse Savage’s Bible-phobia they never bothered to check to see if what he said was either true or an accurate representation of what the Bible really teaches because they agree with what he said. They never credit the Bible for Its anti-slavery proclamation found in Exodus 21:16, “And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.” They ignore this verse for three reasons:

1. In their “wealth of Bible ignorance,” they didn’t know it was there!

2. It doesn’t help them promote their pro-homosexual agenda.

3. It condemns to death the African-Muslim slave traders who stole men and sold them into slavery. Think about this. Today we call drug users “victims” and claim it is the drug producers who are the “criminals.” In light of that view, the white, slave purchasers are “victims” and the African-Muslim slave traders are criminals condemned to death! We all know that the World is doing all it can to promote Islam (and any other anti-Christian religion) so they would never breathe this biblical truth.

Thus, the World submits a Bible-hating homosexual bully in the guise of a Bible scholar. (Wouldn’t you like to know how many times this pseudo-Bible scholar has read through the Book he misrepresented?) But, that is exactly my point! If the World will accept someone who has nothing to do with the Bible as Its spokesman then I demand it accept someone who has nothing to do with homosexuality as a representative of every pervert in the country…in the world, in fact. Therefore, the following is what every homosexual desires. Who do you know? Because I, a non-homosexual, decree it as surely as a homosexual who hates the Bible claims his statements about that Book should be accepted as accurate. All homosexuals:

1. Want to molest your children. They revel in perversion and believe they will not be accepted until everyone has been corrupted by them. This is why public schools invite them into their classrooms to promote homosexuality…Queers, public education and the President all desire the same thing.

2. Want to be protected from the criticism of anyone who disagrees with them. Furthermore they don’t want their sin judged by people more moral than they. Public education, Congress and the President agree.

3. Don’t want you to know that they are divided into two kinds of homosexuals: Predators and Victims. The Predators chose this perversion because of the resident wickedness within them. They then, intent on corrupting anyone and everyone they can recruited the Victims. They presented themselves as sincere friends, teachers, social leaders or anything else in order to win the confidence of their mark. Once they had won their trust they slowly manipulated them into committing a homosexual act and then “reeled them in” to an unsatisfying life of perversion. The Victims, thinking there was no hope of ever getting out became militant promoters of the perversion seeking their own recruits. Hollywood sees nothing wrong with this.

4. Want to get every single person to commit a homosexual act. At best, they win a new convert to their perverted lifestyle. If their victim does not join them in their perverted lifestyle then, at least, they know they will be too embarrassed and ashamed to ever stand against them. They try to silence their critics by corrupting them. The News Mafia is in complete agreement with this tactic.

5. Hate anyone who has refused to join them. They have been known to sabotage private property, disrupt public events and commit acts of hate against anyone who dares not to bend to their intolerance.

6. Hate the Bible because, even after centuries of attack by the Unholy Trinity: Hollywood, public education and the New Media, it still holds sway over the minds and hearts of most Americans and thus, thwarts their efforts at perverting the entire country.

7. Think there is no hope for them and thus are loyal to their perversion not because of the pleasure of nature, but because they think there is no way out.

If you are a homosexual I now speak, not as the unelected representative of homosexuality, but as a God-called representative of the Bible, having read it cover-to-cover more than 240 times. The sin of homosexuality will only send you to Hell if you let it keep you from trusting Christ as your personal Saviour. Jesus paid for your sin of homosexuality at the same time He paid for your sins of lying, greed, pride, hatred, intolerance and innumerable others. He never sinned, therefore the punishment He experienced on the cross was for the sins of you, me, and every man, woman & child on the planet. But that’s just part of the story. Three days after He was murdered He rose from the dead. No man ever did that before! His death was a victory over the power of sin and His resurrection was a victory over the power of death. Now He offers to share that victory with you if you are only willing to accept that death, burial, and resurrection as your payment for sin.

I am sorry that someone you trusted betrayed that trust and steered your life in the direction of such unhappiness. But, down inside you know it’s wrong and it is not right for you to force an entire culture to accept your mistake as normal. If you hate anyone it should be the villain that destroyed your life, not the God who offers you hope, forgiveness and a new life. The truth of 2 Cor. 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” is effective for homosexuals too. The great sadness is that Dan Savage, the News Media, Hollywood, public education and the JEA & NSPA don’t want you to know or take advantage of that! Why would they want to alienate you from the One who knows everything about you and was still willing to die in your place? Why would someone who claims to care about you try to keep you from Someone who really does care about you and died to prove it? Maybe you’re a little mixed up on who your real enemy is.

If you can humble yourself and trust Christ as your Saviour there’s hope for you. If you can’t humble yourself then join Dan Savage and the “Haters-of-all-that-is-Good.” and work to see that no one and nothing is ever pure or clean.

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