An Open Letter to Those in the U. S. Military and Those in Law Enforcement

There may be dark and trying days ahead for our country. The actions of this president have been hostile to both our Constitution and freedom in general. The country, as a whole, is emotionally charged and bent on self-preservation rather than the good of the nation. The President and Democratic Party, in general, seem bent on forcing their agenda on a populace that is more and more resistant to that agenda. It could be very likely that, in an effort to seize control of the nation, President Obama or some other forces acting on his behalf may stage a “crises” that “forces” him to take dictatorial control of the nation. There may be a “frame-up” of conservatives in which some “Bible-toting, Constitution quoting” mock conservative commits some heinous crime designed to turn the nation’s anger away from the administration and towards anyone who would dare disagree with the president. There is even a chance that the nation may shortly slip into a civil war or anarchy. If this happens the only force able to combat such a coup would be the U. S. Military.

To Our Military,
Please remember at all times that you swore an oath to defend the United States Constitution, NOT
the government, be that the President, Congress or Supreme Court. Your allegiance should always be to use any power within your ability to defend and preserve our Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. If the president attempts to establish dictatorial control over the country, not granted him by the Constitution, then he is no longer president and instead, a rebel, threat to your country. You owe him no loyalty, obedience or defense. He is to be arrested along with all those who assist his attempted revolution and tried in a criminal court.

If the President calls in troops from a foreign country to subdue the population, all such troops are to be viewed as foreign invaders and dealt with accordingly. No nation should have troops in this country. No president should request or allow such a thing. Any president that allows or initiates such an act is attempting to become a dictator.
The United States military is like no other in the world. As shown in all wars in which they have fought, they can literally obliterate an enemy and yet, within minutes of the battle being over, be handing out candy to children. It is this benign might that will be needed if trying days come upon us. Ruthless against the invader yet benevolent to the populace. Use your might to defend civilians, not to oppress them. If ordered to attack or subdue American citizens refuse to obey the order!

If chaos sweeps our nation then do not use your might to establish private armies that seek to enslave the citizens. Use your might for right.

To Those in Law Enforcement,
The police forces of Third World nations are notoriously corrupt. In many cases, they are nothing more than thugs, drug dealers and enforcers for criminal elements. Following the events mentioned above the United States will become a violent, dangerous and scary Third World nation. Rule of law will break down and people will be killing one another for food, fear or revenge. Just as you are the civilizing force in our society today, you will be desperately needed in the days following any breakdown of society.

Because you have trained in the use of force and know how to get people to obey you there may be a great temptation to abuse what you have been taught and try to oppress the civilian population. In light of the lack of respect and appreciation you may feel you have endured by some elements of the public, please do not allow yourself to fall into corruption with the rest of our society. There will be an ample number of weaker civilians that will desperately need your help and protection. Your nation will need you as never before. Abandon your morals and it will be bloody chaos.
Don’t submit to the desire to use your power to bully, cajole or get even with the weaker folks in our society. You will be physically stronger than most but you will need to be morally stronger. You will have weapons others do not have, don’t use them in a shameful manner.

To Both Groups,
Regardless of what you have been told, the greatness of the United States is not due to the “Sacred
Cow” of “Free Enterprise.” Our forefathers did not come here to start Pizza Hut! They came for the right to freely worship the God of the BIBLE. (Not the Koran.) Man is basically selfish. Only the Bible admonishes man to think of others ahead of himself. Only the Bible gives him the inner strength to resist the desire to be vengeful, vindictive and oppressive. Because of 150 years of Bible preaching (1620-1776), our people grew up moral. That morality gave them the carefree spirit that saw our forefathers advance technology by thousands of years, from the sailing ship to walking on the moon in 200 years. Look at nations today that were never run by the Bible. They are Third World nations locked in the past we left behind. What little technology they have was given by that Christian nation, the United States of America.

Our society has been duped. It was told this would be a better nation if there was no prayer in our schools. Are we? We would be more “progressive” if we allowed our children to have no morals. Are we? We would be more civilized if we didn’t spank our children. Are we? We would be happy if we got everything we ever wanted. Has it worked? The answer is “No” in every case.

The only real hope America has for survival is a return to hard biblical preaching. Not the lame, “Let’s have a group hug” of liberalism, but the “Hellfire and brimstone” that New York, Hollywood, Congress, the Supreme Court, the President…and you are afraid of. If you choose “greed and the gun” over the “Bible and benevolence” we are truly doomed.

Review some of your recent actions and see how self-motivated they were. The best thing you can do is to turn from greed to God. That thing in your past that you are ashamed of has already been paid for by the punishment Jesus Christ endured. Yet, because He was God and not man He rose from the dead. Think about it. What good is a religion that couldn’t get its Founder out of the grave? Now, go check where the founders of every religion in the world are right now. If Jesus Christ has the power to get Himself out of the grave He has the power to forgive your sins, come into your heart and save you and, if you should die, raise you from the grave when He returns. When He returns He will reward those who have accepted Him as their personal Saviour and chosen to serve Him.

Over the past 50 years, our public schools and institutions of higher education have turned this nation into heathenism. We will not see how thorough and devastating this conversion has been until the collapse comes. Our Nation’s hope will be the morality of our military and law enforcement officers. But the hope of every individual will be in putting their eternal soul in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ…as it always has been.

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