“An Idea Whose Time Has Come” by Dr. Sam Gipp

Following the recent election the News Industry would have us think the nation’s greatest need is election reform. Of course they want us to believe that. That way they can hide the truly greatest need we have, News Industry reform.

We all know that the multi-millionaires who run the News Industry attempt the alter election results through dubious means on election night. They gave Florida to Al Gore with only 4% of the vote in, thus discouraging countless disheartened voters from going to the poles and voting for George W. Bush. It was also obvious they withheld New Hampshire and Ohio as long as possible because they went to Bush. It is one thing to use your efforts to help your favorite candidate to get elected. But it is tampering when you try to influence the results of an ongoing election. That is what they did.

Following Bush’s victory they never slacked or even attempted to hide their one-sided support for “Al the Brat.”They attacked any Republican they could, promoted racial turmoil and remained quiet about all of the Democrats’ dirty tricks in vote tampering during the recount, during the recount, during the recount. They even tried to politicize the Supreme Court. On CNN’s Webpage they displayed the nine Justices and how they voted to stop the Florida Supreme Court’s illegal (fourth…or fifth?) recount. Five voted to stop the recount. Those five were displayed with “Reagan appointee” or “Bush appointee” below their picture. The other four (One also a Bush appointee) were displayed with no information about who appointed them. (I believe two were Clinton appointees.)

If you think that was bad, wait till you see what they do to President Bush for the next four years. They will use every hatchet job tactic they can to destroy his re-election and punish the country for voting him in.

These plainly political actions on the part of the News Industry reveal a chilling truth. There is no longer a “free press” in this country. The Constitution demands a free press. But the press has been hijacked by liberal conglomerates who throttle truth and only view news stories as a vehicle to be used to advance their own selfish political goals. If we really have “a right to know” then the greatest civil rights violator in the country is the liberal encrusted News Industry. They are the only method we have of hearing the truth and they are denying us access to that truth. Something must be done.

I, as well as you, fear a news source ruled by the government. The millionaires in the News Industry know this and loudly quote the First Amendment every time anyone criticizes them. I offer two methods to wrest our “Right to Know” from its liberal kidnappers without violating the Constitution.

1. Discrimination Investigation – As I have stated before, when a business in a predominant black neighborhood has predominantly white employees the government assumes there has been discrimination in hiring even if they can find no evidence of it. Well, if 85% of Americans believe in God and 98% of workers in the News Industry don’t then there has obviously been discrimination in hiring somewhere. It is time that there were full-scale Congressional investigations into this obvious discrimination. Such an investigation is justified by News Industry actions and is the right thing to do. Is it right for the loudest trumpeter against discrimination to be allowed to practice it unhindered? Should an industry that dresses itself as a defender of civil rights be the protected prime violator of them? Violating News Industry employers should be exposed and fined heavily. (I want my share of the class-action suit!)

2. Qualify Sources – For the sake of protecting the public from being unknowing victims of political prejudice, all dispensers of news need to be reviewed and categorized. They will not be prohibited from reporting any story exactly as they wish. But, just as a purchaser of cigarettes is warned of the danger within the package, viewers, readers and listeners need to be forewarned of the political slant of the news source they are accessing. Every newspaper and news magazine should carry a government warning label informing the reader of the political slant they are about to be exposed to. Newsweek, USA Today, Time, etc. would simply carry a warning that “The information contained herein is presented from a liberal viewpoint and is not to be confused with an objective report.” (On a red background?) The same thing for CNN ABC, NBC and CBS. Then The Washington Times, The New American, World would say, “The information contained herein is presented from a conservative viewpoint and is not to be confused with an objective report.”(On a blue background?) Television and radio news reports would run a similar disclaimer.

No one would be prevented from writing anything they wanted to. There would be no censorship or suppression of “rights.” But the reader would benefit and be protected from prejudice by being informed that what they are reading, watching or listening to is not the “free press” as referred to in the Constitution but a business venture that is trying, for whatever purpose, to promote a political agenda above simply reporting the facts.

With those warnings in place and an influx of more conservative reporters due to Congressional investigations, the News Industry might just start “looking like America” instead of being a bunch of untouchable royals who flaunt their disdain for the nation they hate. They would lose the ability to go scurrying for the Constitution like a cockroach when the light is turned on them every time their prejudice is exposed.

Every industry in the nation is required by the government to act responsibly. Why should the News Industry be any different. Will they claim to be a “public service?” Good. So is water, gas and electric. Are they free of government watch care to make sure they don’t abuse the public they serve? Then why is the News Industry allowed, nay, protected, when they abuse us? Are their perceived “rights” greater than yours or mine? I don’t think so.

What can you do? Cause a little trouble! Write your Congressman with the above suggestions. At the most it will cost you 34 cents. And it just might get the ball rolling. Maybe we can take our “right to know” back from the tyrants who kidnaped it.

What did you say? Oh. There’s no sense in bothering, the Lord will be back before next year is over. Tell me. How many years have you been using Gods’ “Blessed Hope” for an excuse to do nothing?

In the name of “balance” you need to watch “The O’Rielly Factor” at 8 PM EST on the Fox News Network.

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