Americans Are Ready!

Recently a pastor told about an airplane ride he took. As the plane was loading he took his seat next to the window. He looked over his shoulder to see a suspicious Mideastern man take a seat about two rows behind him. Just then an American man took the seat next to my pastor friend. The pastor said, “Excuse me. But I might need to get ou…” “Don’t worry, Buddy. I’ve got’im. If he makes a moves he’s one dead A-rab.” No, he wasn’t a Sky Marshal. He was an average American!

When people are attacked they go through three stages of emotions: shock, grief, then rage. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, America was shocked. Then we grieved as a nation. Then Admiral Bull Halsey best defined our national rage when he said, “When this war is over, the Japanese language will be spoken only in Hell.” (Imagine if someone said that about Muslims today!)

When cold-blooded, murdering Muslims did the same thing on Sept. 11, 2001, our nation was shocked. Then it grieved. Then, just as our national rage kicked in the vile, America-hating, News Mafia rode to the rescue of their Muslim allies with charges of “racism.” (Isn’t that what the News Mafia always uses to guilt-trip and beat down Americans? It’s your fault if you let them bully you!) Within two weeks of this treacherous, Muslim act, Americans were apologizing to Muslims and didn’t even know why.

But, rage that goes unvented only builds up. As I write this our country is in the greatest peril it has ever faced. There are 3 million Muslims, 23 million Mexicans and untold others within our borders. Granted, by no means are all of these individuals hostile to the United States, but a great percentage are and many of the rest have been trained by the News Mafia to hate America. How did they get here? How did so many Muslims, Indians (from India), and Mexicans “appear” overnight in our country? Well, it didn’t happen overnight. It has been forty years in the making. What I am going to tell you is historical fact not the rallying of a “right-wing racist.” Although that’s what I have to be called in hopes of invalidating the facts.

Fact #1 – America was never founded to be “multi-cultural – This is one of those matras the Left cries over-and-over when they wish to force a change in our country. It’s like the terms, “New Morality” and “Diversity.” Not true, but they create it and then quote it to any American who complains about the downward negative effect of the change.

The United States was founded by Europeans and was never intended to be “multi-cultural.” (Don’t quote the Statue of Liberty. That wasn’t the premise for the founding of the United States. But it is the excuse Liberals used to remove all restrictions from immigration into this nation.)

Fact #2 – The change wasn’t “natural” – Recently I preached in Gallup, NM, to Navajo Indians. Gallup in right in the middle of an Indian reservation. And what did I see in the middle of an Indian reservation? A Mosque! A Muslim mosque. (“Mosque” must be the Arabic word for “armory” since they are nothing but weapons storehouses.) Now, stop and try thinking. Do you actually believe that two Muslims moved into Gallup and “won” enough converts to need a mosque? (At this point a Liberal will point to recent conversions to Islam prompted by forcing Islam on helpless children in public schools.) Nope, Muslims didn’t come here and “win” converts. Instead they were imported by the millions through immigration.

Between 1840 and 1900, 95 out of every 100 people who immigrated into the U.S. were Europeans. With the advent of Communism and its infiltration into our government (Immigration & Naturalization Service) that figure was only 59 out of 100 between 1921-1930. With radical anti-Americanism filling the country and no one’s attention on anything so “benign” as immigration, between 1961 & 1970 thebreakdown of every 100 immigrates was: 34 European, 13 Asian, 14 Caribbean, 14 Mexican, 8 South American and 17 “Other” countries. (Read that “Mid-eastern.”) What is it today? Of every 100 people allowed into the U.S. only 14 are European, 31 are Asian, 24 are Mexican (legals, that is), 11 Caribbean, 6 South American, 6 Central American, 8 “Others.”

I have stated for years that the INS has shutdown European immigration and kicked open the doors to any and every culture that is non-white and non-Christian in their mission to alter the demographics of the United States. Please understand, this is not the ranting of a White supremist. This is a report of the facts of the calculated racism of those who are running the INS in their effort to make America “multi-cultural.” You see the result in every motel and convenient store. Of course, the News Mafia has done its part with regular front page stories that declare, “In 20 years white will be a minority.” and “Soon English will not be the language of the United States” designed to demoralize Americans into “accepting the inevitable.” (By the way, black Americans are the target as much as white Americans are.)

Fact #3 – This is a legitimate threat – This is not a “Y2K” or “An asteroid might hit the earth” manufactured threat. These are millions of living, breathing, hating people within our borders. Even with this great number I don’t believe they could take over our government. But if they timed their attacks they could destroy electrical substations, gut grocery stores and kill innumerable law enforcement and emergency responders before we could react. (Probably during a drunken U.S. holiday when we’re off guard.)

So what should we do? Nothing. That’s right, I said, “Nothing.” We are not murderers. We do not burn buildings, kill people or destroy property. But as the heroes of Flight 93 showed, Americans are always ready to react to an attack. Following are just some thoughts that might save lives and preserve our nation if the enemies within spring a surprise uprising.

Recent school shootings have made it plain that it is no longer safe not to own a gun. The private ownership of guns is the single thing that causes our enemies to pause. You should have a gun and know how to use it. You should get with others and have a meeting place and a plan of action should a national attack come. You should be prepared to defend police stations, armories, power stations, bridges and other vital installations. Remember, law enforcement and military personnel are not the enemy! (But it might be foolish to surrender your weapons if trouble starts.)

What else? It just might help to get on your knees and beg God to protect America. I know, some of you idiots think “America has it coming.” but that will ring hollow when you bury your wife and tremble in fear through the night! You really aren’t as brave or as righteous as you think you are. Don’t wait for the sound of battle to repent of your self-righteous hatred (just like the Muslims) of your country. Even Bible believing Christians are too caught up with “play time” to sacrifice or get right with God to help their country. (And don’t apologize to anybody for loving your country!)

Would such an attack be stopped? Yep! Eventually. Because, when attacked,Americans are the fiercest fighters the world has ever seen.But by that time the country will have returned to “The Law of the Gun” and you will never have a peace-filled night of sleep again and football, golf and fun-time will be things of the past. I suggest you pray right now. God’s merciful deliverance is our only hope!

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