Always Treacherous

On January 1, 1915, the citizens of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, mounted the ore cars of the local mining train to head for their yearly New Year’s Day picnic. Men watched the scenery, women talked and children frolicked as the excursion slowly made its way toward the picnic site. Three miles out of town the children saw the ice cream wagon of the local Muslim ice cream vendor tied up near a cluster of rocks. They laughed and waved. That’s when the bullets started flying! World War I was going on at that time and the fading Ottoman Empire had declared “jihad” (that’s Arabic for “Murder children and unarmed civilians.”) on all innocent, unarmed whites. Concealed among the rocks were the ice cream vendor and a local butcher (appropriate!), also Muslim, who had chosen these unarmed civilians as the target of their great work for “allah.” In minutes four were dead, including a teenaged girl. Four little girls and two boys, ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old, lay wounded. As the train reversed course, the two murderers moved out to another location, shooting an unarmed 70 year old man in the process. Later, the town’s people and members of the Australian Army came out and sent these vile monsters to the Hell they deserved.

Fast-froward to 2006. Australia again. The worldwide News Mafia is castigating young white Australians for their “shameful” racism for rioting against Muslims in Sydney. What caused the riots? Oh, they forgot to tell you. As you read this carloads of Muslims young men are cruising the streets of Australia and New Zealand and, if they see a white woman not dressed like a Muslim woman they gang rape her! And for some strange reason this upset young white Australians. One unarmed, older white woman walked outside to see what was going on and a young Muslim man smashed her in the head with a baseball bat. But this is rare, because, usually the whites were armed with rocks and cricket bats, while the Muslims had GUNS! Yes, the Muslims had guns in a nation where the government confiscated “all” the guns of its citizens to “stop crime.” As soon as they think they can, Muslim young men in this country will be cruising our streets and raping your wife, your daughter and your granddaughter.

The merciless defenders of Islam around the world like to repeat the Matra, “But only the militant Muslims are bad. There are peace-loving Muslims who work throughout the world for peace.” Really? You mean “peace-loving” like an ice cream vendor? You mean ” like that school teacher who was behind the London bombings of innocent civilians? Your response to this defense of cold-blooded Muslim murderers should be obvious. Ask the idiot who made the statement, “And how do we recognize the ‘militant’ Muslims when they’re immigrating into our country? Do they have a big red ‘M’ on their forehead?” The only safe action is to exclude all Muslims from immigrating into our country.

How did all these violence-prone, merciless individuals get into this country? Simple, in the last twenty years the Immigration Department has been infiltrated with America-haters who have throttled back white European immigration and opened the floodgates of all non-white, non-Christian groups. This is designed to change the demographics of America. This invasion has been concealed by the liberal cry, “America is multi-cultural!” Idiot! America was never “multi-cultural.” It was always touted as being a “melting pot” where everyone came here and abandoned their worthless culture and was absorbed into America’s (European/Christian) culture.

But how come no one in this country takes a public stand against Muslims? Because the liberal bullies who have made our “free press” their prisoner are right there to kick anyone in the mouth with charges of “racism” and “intolerance” who dares to resist their anti-American agenda. That’s what they did to the white men in Australia for keeping Muslims from raping their wives & daughters.

What about the cries that Islam is a “religion of peace?” It has never been a religion of peace. History does not bare this out. Islam has always been spread by the sword. Islam only expands its numbers by conquest and the oppression of other religions. In fact, it has, and is, a religion of death. Muslims cannot even escape death in their own religious observances. Last year 345 people died in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during a “Stone the Devil” religious observance. In 2004 only 244 died. In 1990 the number was 1,426. (I have an idea! Let’s encourage Muslims to “Stone the Devil” everyday! It won’t be long before they eliminate themselves!)

A Pakistani man and some of his male family members abducted his estranged wife and cut off her feet for having what he called, “bad character.” (Where were those liberal defenders of women’s rights?)

In Indonesia four Christian school girls were attacked on their way to school. (See?! It’s always women, children and the unarmed.) One was wounded but escaped. The other three were mercilessly murdered and their heads were cut off. (Maybe they mean Islam is a “Religion of Pieces!)

Comparing Muslims to Christians is easy. We are gracious. They are not. We are merciful. They are not. We bend. They don’t. We don’t murder those who disagree with us. They do. We allow Muslims in our society. They don’t allow Christians. Carry a Bible in public in Saudi Arabia and you will be arrested and the Bible destroyed. We haven’t codified murder as an evangelistic tool. They have. (The Christianity-haters are ever trying to find some flaw in Christianity to show, “there’s no difference between the two.” Ignore them.)

Wait! Did you misunderstand the div id=”essay_heading” of this essay, “Always Treacherous”? Did you think I was referring to Muslims? No. Not at all. I was referring to their friends and staunch allies in the News Industry. Those folks who always line up against anything American. Those folks who always defend homosexuals. Always defend killing helpless babies. Always back forced confiscation of firearms. Always promote any action that is un or anti-American.

Remember! “Our enemy’s friend is our enemy.” I’ll say it again, “Our enemy’s friend is our enemy.” Muslims are blood enemies of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and all things American. (Just like the News Mafia!) Muslims seek to destroy America as we know it. (Just like the News Mafia!) Muslims will kill you if you stand in their way. (Just like the News Mafia!) And who is always demanding “tolerance” of groups who wish our destruction? The News Mafia! They are “Always Treacherous.”

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