A Not So Pleasant Future Awaits Us

Liberals like to think that Man is basically good. (Unless they’re conservatives.) They claim Man is good and it’s circumstances that force him, against his nature, to do bad things. Thus, they are ever preaching social reform as Man’s vehicle of salvation. They theorize that if they can eliminate Man’s poor conditions they can eliminate crime, hunger and human suffering. (Remember, these are the same people who believe in life in outer space, global warming and that unborn babies aren’t human.) Of course, this is a very self-serving view since everyone who espouses it can rest in the “fact” that they are basically a good person.

Based on the Bible, rather than fantasy, Christians believe just the opposite. They believe that Man is basically bad and requires a power greater than himself to see to it that his wickedness is restrained. That is why all societies have some sort of police force. They “police” the population and “force” citizens to be good. But a police force is a physical entity and can only force physical cooperation. If there were some spiritual way to “police” and “force” people to restrain their wickedness you could stop the evil before the; shooting, stealing, rape, murder, etc. took place.

Enter the Bible. The Bible is a spiritual book. You know it wasn’t written by men because it is the only book that declares Man is basically wicked rather than basically good. God has ordained preaching to overrule the spirit of Man. Man tends to treat his fellow man better in societies where the Bible is preached. That is what made America different than the rest of the world. This nation was founded on the God of the Bible and was raised from its infancy on Bible preaching. Preaching civilizes mankind. Besides revealing the way of salvation the Bible teaches Man not to be self-centered. Basically, listeners are taught that they are not the most important person in the room. Men are taught to respect their elders and protect those younger than them. They are taught to open doors for others, give their seat to a lady and respect the rights of others.

America was a great place to live until the Unholy Trinity took over instilling values into our population: public education, the entertainment industry and the News Media. Mind you, all of these were both positive and benign in their early years. Our public schools produced the most well educated, inventive, forward-thinking generations in the world. The News Media faithfully reported the news and produced a well-informed citizenry. Hollywood/TV was patriotic and produced programs that taught positive moral lessons.

Then, in the ‘50s our college professorships were taken over by godless, leftists who hated America and the Bible it was founded on. These “mind programmers” filled the ranks of the above mentioned three with people just like themselves. By the late ‘60s the News Media was America’s true enemy in Vietnam. Hollywood began to promote “new morality” which was the “old immorality.” Slowly our public schools switched from teaching to leftist, humanistic indoctrination. The result? Our high school graduates many times don’t know the history of our country, can’t name the states and can’t even read & write. Hollywood produces garbage that centers on sex, blood-sucking and anything anti-God. The “Free Press” we were promised in our Constitution has been kidnaped by liberal democrats (or communists) who will assist any person or group that hates: America, God, the Bible or morals. Thus, they do all they can to assist Muslims, atheists & homosexuals. They see the NRA as more evil than Playboy.

Starting in the ‘70s TV bombarded viewers with self-centered programming designed to promote covetousness and greed. Viewers were taught that, contrary to the message of the Bible, they were indeed the most important person in the world. Little children were given “cute” T-shirts that proclaimed “It’s All About Me” and public schools taught students songs like, “I’m the Most Important Person I Know.”

The result is a nation that is just like the rest of the world, selfish, self-centered and vicious. Americans used to do right. They helped people even if there was no benefit to themselves. But, after five decades of “self” programming, we see the youngest in our society dedicated to no one but themselves. “Why help someone if I don’t get anything from it?” is their foundation.

Americans are now driven by greed and a “Me first.” attitude. They can think of no one more important than themselves. Thus, if they short-change, cheat or in any other way slight anyone else they will feel no remorse.
Recently a self-loving, TV-trained, airline passenger prevented the back of the seat in front of him from reclining through a small device he had purchased. When the lady in the seat in front of him asked him to remove it he selfishly refused. She called the flight attendant and this arrogant barbarian ignored her request as well. The woman in the seat then threw a glass of water on the jerk seated behind her. The flight was diverted, both passengers were removed and the plane continued on. This one, TV-trained, self-loving jerk negatively affected everyone on the plane. (How many passengers missed connections due to the late arrival caused by his self-love?) I would almost guarantee you that the man is still unrepentant.

Think you’re immune to these influences? You are…if you don’t watch TV, movies or watch the news. My guess is you’re “neck deep” in the heathen spirit of NEW America. You have subtly, consistently and expertly been fed the same self-loving indoctrination and if you think the meager amount of Bible most Christian Americans ingest is going to inoculate you from being a self-loving mass of cells you are thoroughly and completely deceived.

How many times have you asked yourself, “What’s in it for me?” How many times have you said in your heart that you didn’t care if someone else got short-changed as long as you got your share? How much of the Bible do you put into yourself? When have you elected to “take a loss” so that someone else could profit?

If you say that this is a small matter, rethink that. What is America going to be like if the final shreds of Christianity are overcome, society collapses and all those folks that recently bought guns decide they’ve found the ultimate tool to get “theirs” in spite before you or anyone else gets “yours?” We will see the unrestrained flesh of the disciples of the Unholy Trinity wage running gun battles with anyone who displeases them. Americans will want to go to Iraq or Gaza for a nice, quiet, safe vacation from the bloody streets of the USA.

What’s the answer? Repentance & returning to the Christian values America was founded on. “What’s the chance of that happening in America?” you ask. I’ve got a better question: what’s the chance of that happening in your life?

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