A New Venture!

I Kings 22:34, “And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness: wherefore he said unto the driver of his chariot, Turn thine hand, and carry me out of the host; for I am wounded.”

In spite of this soldier being on the wrong side in this battle I have often admired his nerve in even attempting this shot, let alone making it.

I have often said that I am not of the “Bunker Mentality.” I do not accept the view of many Christians that, “It’s all over. Let’s just try to hide in our bunker and hang on to what we have until the Lord gets back.” I believe if we are a military force for the Lord we should be taking ground away from the world, the flesh and the devil. That was what was behind the publishing of the Christian school curriculum. I wanted to take ground that the devil had. From what I hear it has been doing just fine in that area.

But now there is other ground I want to take. I do not mind writing “King James Bible books” for King James Bible believers to put on their book shelf next to their other “King James Bible books.” But I want new ground! I’ve had many testimonies of individuals and even churches turning to the King James Bible due to my books. But I want to reach individuals who we have ignored up to this point. I want to get the books written by Bible believers into the hands of those who don’t believe, who are unaware of the issue, and get them converted to the right position on the Bible. The only way to do that is to get books written by Bible believers onto the shelves on mainstream Christian bookstores. But herein lies a problem. All Bible believing authors are their own publisher and bookstores will not deal with a “one-man-show.” They only deal with publishing companies. So…I’m starting a publishing company!

The company is called DayStar Publishing. It will be a legitimate company. Here’s how it will work: an author will send a print-ready manuscript for approval. I have nothing to do with this process. The manuscript will be read by a reader who will judge its value. Based on their decision we will accept or reject publication. What DayStar will provide is an ISBN number, a Library of Congress number and a listing in our catalog which will be distributed to mainstream Christian bookstores. I don’t care if a bookstore stocks my books or someone else’s, I just want to “mine” their shelves with Bible believing material that someone can buy and then come to understand the importance of having the right Bible.

Here’s what DayStar will not do. We will not take a raw manuscript and typeset it for printing, although we will refer authors to type setters. Neither will we finance the printing of anyone’s book. Wannabe writers tend to live in a dream world. They think they are going to send their manuscript to a company and the company is going to be so impressed that they will offer to finance the printing of their book. All they have to do now is sit back and collect huge royalty checks every month. Unless your name is “Tom Clancy” this is not going to happen. Not with DayStar and not with any other publishing company. The cost of printing the book will remain with the author. Try thinking once! You think your book is so great and so necessary that it needs to be in print… but you won’t spend ONE DIME of your own money to print it! A little crazy! Wouldn’t you say? If you think your book is worth someone else’s money then surely you must think it’s worth yours.

DayStar Publishing will operate out of the Cincinnati area. Last month (September 2003) all the books & tapes were moved from Cleveland to Cincinnati. The new address is:

DayStar Publishing
PO Box 464
Miamitown, OH 45041

The telephone number is still 1-800-311-1823.

If you are interested in getting a book published, here is what you should do: Call DayStar and ask for a copy of How To Get Your Book Published. This book has many helpful tips on writing, type setting etc. It will also explain how DayStar works and what your next step should be.

DO NOT SEND ME MANUSCRIPTS! I will not be reviewing manuscripts that are sent in for publication. Sending it to me will only lengthen and complicate the process and waste your time and mine.

DO NOT SEND DAYSTAR ANY MANUSCRIPTS. There is an orderly process to be followed which is clearly explained in How To Get Your Book Published. Obtain a copy of that book and follow the instructions. (As I write How To Get Your Book Published is at the printer so there may be a lag time between your call and its arrival.)

It should take about a year for the first manuscripts to be submitted, reviewed and printed. Some already have been. Then a new DayStar catalog will be printed and distributed to bookstores and we’ll be on our way. We will be publishing all kinds of books, not just books on the King James issue.

Friends, DayStar is not about making money. It is about getting King James Bible believing books into the hands of people who have never heard the facts of the issue. If you wish to be rich and famous you will want to look elsewhere. If you desire to make a difference in the Bible issue and can be patient as we sort out an enterprise that has never been attempted before then we may be what you’re looking for.

I do not look forward to the added work load but I truly want to do everything in my power to serve the Lord in the most productive manner. I am hoping this will be a success.

Please pray for us in this new venture.

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