Letter #75

The Liberals’ Darling

Nelson Mandala is the darling of the One Worlders and the liberal News Industry. Why? Because they hate whites and Mandala is a good tool when they need him. Now, Mandala has gone to Scotland and visited one of the Muslim murderers, Abdul Basset Ali al-Megrahi, responsible for the bombing of PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, a number of years ago, killing 270 people. What does Mandala have to say about this cold-blooded Muslim murderer? He whines, “He has nobody to talk to. It is psychological persecution that a man must stay for the length of his long sentence all alone.” Then this murder’s accomplice stated that Al-Megahi should be transferred to a muslim nation like Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt! Sure, send him back to where he’s a hero. Where they will allow him to escape or simply use him to teach classes on terrorism while in prison. Nelson Mandala should be shamed off the streets and forced to apologize to the families of the murder victims. But instead of railing on this defender of Muslim terror, the News Industry reported Mandala’s words as though they were worthy of consideration. Jail Mandala!

Our Loving Muslim “Brothers”

Here is a prayer that was prayed in the Grand Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen, “O Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters and the Christians and their supporters and followers. O Allah, destroy the ground under their feet, instill fear in their hearts, and freeze the blood in their veins.”

Yep! Islam certainly is a religion of “piece.” They want a “piece” of everybody. Their hatred for Jews and Christians is historic. So why would the News Industry protect and defends such a hate-filled group. Could it be that they both hate the same people?

Terrorist Attack on President Bush

The greatest terrorist organization in the world, the News Industry, is already working on defeating President George W. Bush in 2004. After you hear a news report about the near impossibility of wiping out Al Qaeda, do you ever feel like our efforts are useless? That’s the exact feeling the News Industry is programming into your brain! Watch for them to make Bush look inept and fruitless in fighting Muslim terrorists. It is part of the News Industry’s agenda to install another of their liberal puppets into the White House. Don’t believe the News.I Told You So!

I told you that as soon as George W. Bush took office the News Industry would start reporting that the economy was bad. The fact is that they started even before he was sworn in. Now, all we hear is how bad the economy is. Recently Kathy & I stopped by an RV dealer. He had sold 4 units that week. Another dealer had sold 12. That’s 2 to 3 hundred thousand dollars a pop! That’s how bad the economy is!

And George W. Bush Too Following President Abraham Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address the news papers of the day wrote, “The cheeks of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dishwater utterances.” The New Media has always hated anyone who loved America. Whose side are you on?

Meeting the 7000

Paul Heaton

Bro. Heaton pastors the Bible Baptist Church in Lupton, Michigan. Bro. Heaton has about 150 people in a town not much bigger than that. Bro. Heaton has his own radio station, a yearly camp meeting, a Bible institute and has written several books in addition to his pastoral duties. Bro. Heaton’s obvious desire is to glorify the Lord with his life and his every effort is expended with that goal in mind. It’s not a question of the size of the town. It’s a question of the size of the man. How big are you?

Shifting, or Jamming Gears

Anyone who ever shifted a standard shift car or truck knows that to mesh the gears properly they both have to be going the same speed. One gear has to be speeded up or the other has to be slowed down. If there is going to be a “meshing” of world economies they will have to be equal. It is obvious that third world countries are never going to be “speeded up” to the level of the USA. Therefore, the goal of the News Industry and environmentalists is to “slow down” our economy to the third world level. The first priority of everything the environmental movement does is not, “How can we help the environment?” but “How can we hurt the United States.” If you are pro-environment you are anti-American.

Liberals LOVE Death

Liberals have a fixation with things dead. They love:

  • old, dead and gutted buildings
  • deserted and dilapidated old church buildings
  • pictures of the decay along Route 66
  • the dead whale industry
  • dinosaur bones

Maybe if the Liberals succeed in their goal of killing the United States and turning it into a vast wasteland filled with poverty and death they will finally write romantic stories about it.

Can America Have a Revival?

Well, somebody is going to have to be one of the “sheep” nations of Matthew 25. Who would qualify more than the United States of America?

Fight On!

A meager force of 10,000 British regulars faced 30,000 Sikhs in their defensive fortification in Punjab province on February 10, 1846. These were no rag-tag mob. The Sikhs were well disciplined and had been well trained by Europeans. All day opposing artillery had flailed away at each other, but the British guns had been set too far back and their shots fell short of their targets. British Maj. Gen. Sir Hugh Gough was in danger of a Sikh counter-attack that could wipe his small force out when more bad news reached him, the artillery was out of ammunition. Rather than panic or despair, Gen. Gough shouted, “Thank God! Then I’ll be at them with the bayonet!” He immediately ordered a bayonet attack against the Sikh stronghold. The cold steel of the relentless British troops broke the Sikh line. That day the British lost 320 men, the Sikhs, 10,000. Fight on!

Pastor, Try This

Many pastors are befuddled by the multitude of new versions seeping into their churches and don’t know how to tactfully address the problem. Here’s an answer…don’t! Instead, open every service with the entire church reading aloud a chapter from the Bible in unison. The odd versions will be thrown off track. One-by-one they may ask what the difference is or silently simply change to the King James Bible.

When Muslims kill Americans it’s called “terrorism.” When they kills Jews it’s called “a fight for freedom.” Why?

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