Letter #87

George Washington on the separation of Church & State
“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

Homosexuality is A Mental Disorder

The only thing homosexuals hate more than straight people is straight people who used to be homosexual because that proves homosexuality is not ingrained into the human psyche before birth but is a learned, or perverted, behaviour.Dr. Jeffery Satinover, author of Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth states, “Anyone who actually reads the studies examining the association between homosexuality and psychological disturbance will find a very strong association.” So then, why do judges rule in favor of these sex perverts? “The mental health organizations….influence judges’ understanding before they become judges so that when a man or woman becomes a judge he is, for all purposes, an ignoramus with respect to homosexuality, full to the brim with sentimental platitudes.” World, Feb. 19, 2005

Montana Independence!

Montana rejected the homosexual lobby’s pressure to include homosexuals in their “Hate Crime” law.

A Love Affair

Is it any wonder that the News Mafia is so enraptured with Islam? They both have so much in common:

  • They both hate America
  • They both love murder and bloodshed
  • They both hate the freedom of speech
  • They both love class warfare
  • They both hate the Jews
  • They both love anything that hurts America
  • They both hate the Bible
  • They both think sex is “Heaven”
  • They both hate God
  • They both love to cause trouble


The original name for Lake Eire was “Lake of the Erighs.” The Erighswere a strong and noble Indian tribe that inhabited its banks in northwest Pennsylvania. But this small tribe was attacked and mercilessly eradicated. Every man, woman, and child were hunted down and murdered until all that survives today is the name “Erie” to even hint that they ever existed.

Who committed this horrible act of genocide? Not the French. Not the Dutch. Not the English. In fact, it was committed by their fellow Indian “brothers,” the Iroquois. Hey! Maybe Indians are as “evil” as white men!

The White-faced god

Over the last 50 years, American society has become addicted to any form of “The Screen.” They turn to TV, movies, and computers for all of their input and thought processes. Now this well-served “god” is turning up in our restaurants, cars and even our churches. Amazingly, years ago churches used to preach against the theater. Now, some new church buildings are actually using theater blueprints to design new “worship centers.”

As longas, we let someone else do our thinking for us we are in trouble!

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Jimmy Chandler

Bro. Chandler is pastor of Arbanna Baptist Church near Mountainview, Arkansas. I say “near” because the nearest town is twelve miles away and it only has about 2,500 people in it. Perched on a mountaintop in what could easily be mistaken as the middle-of-nowhere, Bro. Chandler has done a tremendous job of building a church. He has built eleven buildings on two pieces of property, the church proper and the church campground. He now runs between 300 and 400people in his church. I guess no one told him he couldn’t do it!

Guess Who’s in Financial Trouble!

Mercedes-Benz has fallen on hard times. Its Maybach ultra-luxury car is languishing without buyers and costing the company millions to keep afloat. Its SLR V12 super sports car isn’t selling either. Its Smart minicar division has lost $3 billion since its launch in 1998. It has invested $2.1 billion in that monetary blackhole, Mitsubishi, with no real financial return. The company lost $1.1 billion in the first quarter of 2005.

There are also quality problems. In March 1.3 million Mercedes cars were recalled for electrical and brake problems.

The only bright spot has been Chrysler which posted a $1.9 billion profit in 2004.

2004 Aztec Ugly Car Award

The 2004 award has been awarded to the Honda Element. It hasn’t gotten uglier since losing to the Ferrari Enzo last year. But I know that Honda designers worked hard to make their vehicle look repulsive, slapping gray plastic cladding on everything but the windshield. I just don’t like to see such efforts go unrewarded. Plus, I hate the thought of Ferrari winning anything two years in a row.

Keep your hopes up. Word is Ferrari is working on an even uglier edition of the Enzo!

An Interesting Revelation

When men find formerly unknown tribes in jungle regions they always find them, “man & wife.” Marriage between a man and woman is so natural that it is found in primitive cultures which have had no contact with the outside world.

But researchers never find same-sex marriages in such environments because such relationships, like the practice, are unnatural.

Fight On!

Deane and LorraineLengkeek of Holland, MI., were hiking to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park on August 30, 1991, when a sow bear with two cubs attacked them. The beast charged into Deane and bit him in the shoulder, arm, and chest. Before the attack happened, Lorraine, a 62-year-old grandmother with fifteen grandchildren, had been musing over the beauty around her and singing the hymn, “HowGreat Thou Art.” Now she was watching a mad grizzly bear savaging the man she had spent most of her life with. This would never do! The only weaponLorraine had was the binoculars she was carrying around her neck. The 5′ 4″,130 lb. grandmother and wife took the binoculars by the strap and in a defensive rage swung them, smashing them down on the bear’s head. The stunned brute looked up at the fire in the little lady’s eyes and bolted.

Deane was helicoptered to the hospital and survived. Fight on!

Yeah! Sure! That’s A Lot Clearer!

Here’s a quote from the latest “improvement” on the KingJames Bible, the New Reformed Catholic Translation.

“For Christ did not send me to make people Christians and join them to the new covenant by an external religious act, but to preach fluffy but correctly parsed discreet propositions about soteriology, with great use of very complex and flowery (but generally irrelevant and empty) speech, so that the cross of Christ would not be made void (though this would require specifics regarding doctrine and theology).” (1 Cor. 1:17, NRCT)

Now go read that from the Bible!

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