62. King James Bible is the infallible Word of God

I’m convinced that the King James Bible is the infallible Word of God. Now what should I do?

Act like you believe it.

If you REALLY believe that the Bible (AV 1611) is the infallible, perfect word of God, you will first begin to READ IT. There is no excuse for any Christian to NOT be reading the Bible through from cover to cover. Why do you think He gave it to you?

Put away all of the other versions, all your commentaries, all of your “study helps” and simply read God’s Book. Remember the Author resides within you (I Corinthians 6:19, 20) so He should be able to help you to understand it.

Start your reading with the Gospel of John and read to the end of the New Testament. Read at least ten pages a day. That’s not too much to ask! God has gone to a lot of trouble to put that Book in your hand. You can go to a little trouble to put it in your heart. After finishing Revelation, go to Genesis and read to John. THAT’S ONCE! Now start again! Read it every day that you are alive until the Lord comes back.

Beware! There will be days that you read and don’t feel like you “got” anything. There will be days when the reading seems “dry” such as the first nine chapters of I Chronicles. There will be days when you are extremely busy. There will be whole passages that you don’t understand. NONE of these circumstances are valid reasons to quit reading. If you can continue to read ten pages a day under the conditions mentioned above, you will have passed one of the greatest tests of character known to man.

Remember. Besides the dry days, you will have days when that Book gently settles your heart and mind. You will have days when you will learn new truths. And perhaps most importantly, you will get to know your God and Saviour in a most personal way.

Secondly, you don’t need to go on a rampage against your preacher, teachers or friends who don’t believe it. Having read this book you should be equipped to answer most of their protests with grace. You may want to secure another copy to pass along to them. But REMEMBER – this is a HEART matter, not a head matter. Their final acceptance will rely on whether they, or you for that matter, can find it within themselves to humble themselves and accept God’s Book as perfect. It will be a high pressure decision, but will depend on which they choose to be more loyal to. Their Saviour and God, or their friends and school.

If you are a preacher, you will have to remove those little so called “nuggets” from the imperfect Greek. You will find that building your people’s confidence in God’s perfect Bible and encouraging them to read it will be much more gratifying for both you and them. Remember, a congregation that is “in their Bibles” and reading it, is no threat to a pastor who is “in his Bible” and reading it.

If you have a friend, a professor or pastor who changes the Bible whom you love and respect dearly, continue to love and respect them. But when they “correct” or attack God’s Book simply discount it from their message. Some may reject you. Some may put pressure on you. Remember. To have to admit that they have been “wrong all those years” is extremely difficult for the heart to accept. If they finally reject the Book they will also finally reject you. Continue to love them, but don’t let your love/respect allow you to compromise God’s Truth. Don’t forget that we owe Him far more than any man. Now, get busy reading your perfect Bible!

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