53. Should we make an issue of Bible translations?

Should we make an issue of Bible translations?

Only if you believe anything out of it.

Many Christians attempt to evade the issue of whether of not there really is a perfect Bible (as they are told from the pulpit) by piously hiding behind the statement, “I don’t make an issue of Bible translations.”

It is perfectly acceptable to assume such a position as long as you are consistent in your stand… or lack of it.

In other words, if the issue of a perfect Bible is a “non-issue” with you, then to be consistent, neither should be ANY of the following:

1. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Isa 7:14

2. The deity of Jesus Christ. I John 5:5

3. The substitutionary death for sins made by Jesus Christ. Romans 5:8

4. The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. I Cor 15:4

5. Salvation by grace alone without works. Eph 2:8, 9

6. The Pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ. I Thess 4

7. The existence of a literal Heaven. John 3:13

8. The existence of a literal Hell. Mark 9:42-44

9. The acceptance of Creation over the theory of evolution. Gen 1:7

This is by no means a comprehensive list of convictions held by those who call themselves “Fundamentalists.” Yet every one is taken from the Bible. How on earth can a thinking, rational person make an issue or have a conviction on something that they have taken out of the Bible, but see “no issue” concerning the perfection of the Book on which they base their every issue? IF the Bible has mistakes in it, then how can we be sure that it is correct in those passages on which we base our convictions?

Some may say, “I accept the Bible where it is accurately translated.” Fine! THAT is the statement of faith of every Mormon in the world! WHO is to judge just where the Bible is “accurately translated?”

No, it is impossible to make “any issue” over even one doctrine from the Bible and claim not to make an “issue” over the Bible itself.

Why then do people make such a statement? Basically, it is out of fear of the consequences of such a stand. They are afraid of the rejection of their friends, family, and fellow-workers.

How bold for the truth are you?

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