50. What if my Bible college Alma Mater doesn’t believe the KJV is the perfect Word of God.

Believing that the King James Bible is the perfect Word of God is contrary to the stand that my “Alma Mater” takes. What should I do?

You should be loyal to God, Who SHOULD be a little higher on your “loyalty list” than your college.

First, let’s get it straight. You do not have an “Alma Mater.” The term “Alma Mater” results from the combination of the Hebrew word for “virgin” (almah) and the Greek word for “mother” (meter). Thus when you speak of your “Alma Mater” you refer to your “Virgin Mother,” a terminology which we fairly say can only be used by Jesus Christ. Thus, although we may have to use the more lengthy description “the college I attended” or just “my college,” we show much more respect for Jesus Christ than to go around claiming that we have a “Virgin Mother” also.
Secondly, you should appreciate the time, trouble and effort that your college went through to educate you. Education does not happen by accident, thus you should be appreciative of what was done on your behalf.

Thirdly, “appreciation” taken into consideration, you do not owe your SOUL to your college as you do to Jesus Christ. Therefore you need not be “eternally grateful” to it in such a humiliating manner that you are not allowed to control your own convictions once you graduate.

The receipt of “Dear Preacher Boy” letters from the college President designed to pressure and intimidate you into “towing the college line” should carry no more weight than the 3rd class “Dear Occupant” mail which we all receive.

Jesus said, “The truth shall make you FREE” and any school which is constantly reminding you of your “debt” to them for “all we’ve done for you” is not interested in your freedom, but your slavery. You needn’t feel any guilt in “respectfully” disregarding both their request and the claims.

Furthermore, if you went to a school where you paid your tuition, your room and board, and the other associated costs of your education, then you are totally free of any so called “debt” to your school. You may wholeheartedly appreciate the “sacrifice, vision, dedication, etc.” of your school and its leaders, but your DEBT to it ended when you made your final tuition payment. Your degree was not given to you as a gift to show their benevolence. It was EARNED by your academic efforts and PAID FOR by your cold cash, not to mention a little “sacrifice, vision and dedication” of your own.

Your college did not give you your degree because it thought that it would be a “nice” gesture. They gave it to you because they could not refuse to. You had EARNED it by fulfilling the requirements that they demanded. Including paying your bill. (Plus interest in some cases.)

Thus if you find that the perfect Bible that your school spoke of really does exist, and you fear being alienated from your college and its “alumni”, (Greek – “enlightened ones”?) then you should remember that your debt to Jesus Christ is REAL while your “debt” to your college is only imagined.

Which do you prefer to be alienated from, Jesus Christ or your college? They are NOT one in the same.

John 8:32.

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