27. Do Christians who use other Bibles hate God?

Do Christians and Preachers who use other bibles “hate God?”

No, although some may abhor the thought of being in subjection to “a Book.”

In Mark 9:38-41 we find the disciples upset with someone who did not “follow ” them. Yet the Lord told them to leave the man alone.

God desires worship and love from His creatures. There are many preachers who, as Bible college students were misled concerning the King James Bible. They may very well love Jesus Christ but through ignorance or deceit use the wrong bible. They certainly do not “hate God”.

It has been found however that someone who loves the Lord and uses the wrong bible must one day face the Bible issue and make a choice between right and wrong. If they chose “right” their faith is strengthened and they will cease to use other bibles and usually cease to attempt to “correct” the Bible while reading or preaching.

Some however, upon reaching the point of decision, rebel at the thought that their “Alma Mater” could be wrong. They would sooner believe that the Bible is wrong. One preacher was heard to say, “I accept the teaching that the King James Bible is perfect, but I can’t stand for it because my ‘Alma Mater’ doesn’t take that stand.”

Sometimes they weigh the damage to their prestige amongst their peers and feel that they cannot afford to take a stand for God’s perfect Bible. One can imagine the financial damage a college professor might experience if he took an Antiochian stand in an Alexandrian school.

Unfortunately, you cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore, one who for whatever reason rejects the teaching that the Bible is perfect in English usually becomes antagonistic toward those who disagree with him. Usually, his contempt is generated more as a defensive measure than intellectual conviction. But he dare not let you know this.

It can happen that a Christian simply refuses to be in subjection to what he considers a mere book. He rejects the authority of Scripture in his life. It must be remembered that the Pharisees hated Jesus because He spoke as one with authority (Matthew 7:29) and not as the scholars of His day.

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