26. Will a Bible college education clear controversy over a perfect Bible?

Will a Bible college education clear up the controversy over the issue of a perfect Bible’?

No. About ninety-nine out of one hundred times a Bible college education will either confuse or destroy a student’s faith in the perfect Bible.

There are many benefits to a Bible college education. A student can learn invaluable lessons on pastoring and church planning. A student weak on doctrine can be grounded in his faith. Friendships and experiences from Bible college days will often last a life time.

Unfortunately, faith that God has a perfect Bible is more often than not a victim of Bible college education rather than a beneficiary. The reason is simple. Most Bible colleges are staffed by very well meaning men, many who do indeed love the Lord, who are victims of Alexandrian teaching.

Others, though set right about the proper manuscript family are still unconsciously afflicted with a faith in the Bible that is weakened by the Alexandrian Ideology. They cannot mentally accept the belief that the Bible, the one in their hand, is truly perfect.

Sometimes, even schools which advertise that they are “King James Only” or “Textus Receptus Only” are still afflicted with this malady. Thus, a student will find himself confused when he hears his Bible corrected in a college that claims to accept the Bible as perfect. Most often, he will succumb to the diatribe and also become a critic of the perfect Bible. If he does not accept the school’s position he will usually be branded as a “fanatic” and ostracized and sometimes even dismissed.

This does not mean that a Bible college education does not have its advantages. It does mean however that a Bible college education seldom strengthens a student’s faith that the Bible is perfect.

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