20. Aren’t all King James Bible believers ‘name callers?’

Aren’t all King James Bible believers “name callers?”


In recent years, the issue of a perfect Bible has been expertly handled by Dr. Peter S. Ruckrnan. Dr. Ruckman is a highly educated teacher/preacher who accepts the Antiochian manuscript as authentic and views them with the Antiochian ideology that accepts the Bible as perfect.

Dr. Ruckman’s style is forceful in regard to the authority of Scripture and his treatment of Bible critics is devastating. His approach to most Bible issues is one of grace, where many Christians lack such grace. But on the singular issue of the authority of Scripture, his approach is similar to the Apostle Paul (II Corinthians 10:10) and the great English scholar, John William Burgon.

A very few advocates of the perfect Bible, lacking Dr. Ruckman’s scholastic qualifications have assimilated his caustic style with tragic results.

The broad majority of King James Bible believers do not utilize this style simply because it is not their natural style.

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