01 Introduction

There are just two kinds of Christians. (Are all saved or not? We cannot tell; only God knows the heart.)

One kind is that earnest, honest number who are ever anxious to have the FACTS of a vital issue so they may talk intelligently and stand for the TRUTH.

The second kind is that multitude of Christians (fundamentalists for the most part) who just do not wish to be confused by the FACTS.

Lenin, one of the founders of communism, for once told the truth when he said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Indeed they are. There are so many plain FACTS favoring the King James Version as being nearest by far to the originals (which it IS) and far, FAR more accurate and authoritative than all of the modern versions combined (which it IS), that it is indeed a riddle wrapped up in a puzzle how so many truly born again, blood bought Christians, when presented with the FACTS, become angry or sarcastic and just do not wish to be confused by the FACTS.

IF kind reader, you are the latter, may I be so bold as to suggest, if not urge, that you waste no time reading further. This book is filled from end to end with FACTS that are fully documented and they bring the whole Bible version issue into clear-cut focus. There are no “gray” sections to it, it is all black and white.

I confess there was a time in my ministry when I extolled, read from, and recommended from the pulpit some Bible version that had just been published, solemnly stating, “This is the nearest to the originals…easier to read…clarifies difficult phrases that are weighed down with archaic words which need to be eliminated so the sense will be better understood.” When the Holy Spirit convicted me of this sin, I asked His forgiveness, and He gave it.

I keep always in mind, and REmind as many as possible, that we face as of NOW the most vicious and malicious attempted assassination of the character, the name, the Word of God ever done on planet Earth since those blasphemous words were first uttered in Eden, “YEA, HATH GOD SAID?”

I have spoken to many in meetings in this country and Canada and have stated flatly that this is a life and death matter, for IF we do not have an infallible, pure, inerrant Holy Word of God NOW (NOT in the originals which have been lost forever centuries ago) to rest our weary souls upon for time and eternity, THEN we have but one alternative or option, “Let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die and go to hell.”

I also keep issuing a friendly warning – IF you SEE this issue and take your stand openly and unashamedly for the King James Version as being your final, absolute Authority, the true Holy Word of God, THEN you will lose friends and make enemies. I gladly add that I keep on finding the NEW friends I have made because of this issue, I would not exchange for the old friends I may have lost – FOR ANYTHING!

Some fifty years ago or more when I entered the ministry, I knew THEN as I know NOW I had the final absolute Authority from God Himself to guide me through this dark tunnel called LIFE, beset on every side by Satanic traps. If I had not known this for sure, I NEVER would have been a minister. I refuse to play the hypocrite.

Without God’s true, inerrant Word and His eternal Son the Lord Jesus Christ, “GOD MANIFEST IN THE FLESH” Who has saved me by his grace and has done so much for me, and still does, and will do throughout the long reaches of eternity, I say without these two ironclad, life-giving FACTS, THEN the Bard of Avon would be absolutely right when he defines LIFE in one of his plays;

Dr. David Otis Fuller

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