Letter #93


1. The Middlesex County District Attorney in Massachusetts has backed down from pursuing criminal charges against David Parker of Lexington. Mr. Parker was arrested at a scheduled meeting at his son’s elementary school where he insisted on being informed when adults were going to discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old son. (It’s called “child abuse” and is completely legal when perpetrated on helpless children by public school officials.) School officials were not told to apologize to this rightfully protective parent.

2. Sweden’s Supreme Court, ina 5-0 decision, acquitted Ake Green, a pastor who had been convicted of a “hate crime,” for presenting a biblical view of homosexuality. The liberal haters-of-free-speech who pressed charges against Green were not made to apologize for their violation of his human rights.

3. The State School Board of Alabama voted to KEEP a disclaimer in biology textbooks that refer to evolution as “a controversial theory.” The textbook committee also rejected three elementary books because they said their approach to evolution was too controversial for that age group.

Maybe if some of you constant complainers would run for your local school board we would have more victories to report!

A Liberal Who is FOR the Death Penalty!

A hateful little liberal bigot by the name of Dr. Kamau Kambon, who has taught at North Carolina State University, is an opponent of the death penalty for murders. But he does believe mass murder is a good thing. In an Oct. 14, 2005, address to a panel at the Howard University Law School, he said, “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet…”

Nope,The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, USAToday, CNN nor any other member of our formerly “Free Press” condemned this hate-speech,called for this monster to apologize nor did a “hard-hitting, investigative report” on either murderer Kamdon nor the racist policy of murdering white people that is apparently condoned by North Carolina State University.Why? Because the liberals who have kidnapped our “Free Press” agreethat the death penalty should be used for the “crime” of beingborn white.

When Murder is Allowed

On June 17, 2004, 34-year-old Chinese Christian, Jiang Zongxiu, was arrested for passing out gospel tracts in Guizhou Province. Police took her to police headquarters and beat her to death. When citizens began to look into it, police cremated the body. As the FBI (Ruby Ridge) and the BATF (Waco) thankfully acknowledge, you can’t do an autopsy on ashes.

These actions came fromChina, our “permanent favored nation” trade partner. Fortunately for the Chinese, this and other human right’s violations(remember the Tiananmen Square murders?) are being perpetrated by Orientals.If the leaders of China were white, like Milosovich of Bosnia, they might have to fear U.N. trials. Instead, they are free to commit more murders while getting billions of dollars from U.S. trade.

The “Progressive” churches are developing Christians who are so shallow that they can’t sing songs with any “depth” about the Lord. They have to be treated like the children they are and sing choruses.

Meeting the 7000

Calvary Chapel

Yep! I said “Calvary Chapel.” I think these folks are wrong on the Bible and weak on doctrine but the Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murrieta, CA are suing the University of California to force it to accept credits for courses taught from a Christian viewpoint. Call them what you want, at least they’re making trouble for the devil’s crowd instead of back-biting some Christian. If they win all Christian schools will benefit.

A Bible College On Your Wall

You should get the 2006 calendar of Southwest Radio Church. It has a fantastic representation of the biblical dispensations from creation to today. There is more Bible education in this little calendar than most students will get in a “Bible” college. Call: 1-800-652-1144 or go to www.swrc.com.

Motor Trend Finally Dies

Motor Trend has presented itself for decades as an authority in the automotive field. (Although they’ve never so much as successfully marketed a bicycle!) Like most automotive publications, their editorial staff is filled with a bunch of Yuppie Europhiles who judge American cars by a more critical standard than their European, or even Japanese, counterparts. But, like most of the racial liberal press, the fact that they have lost touch with reality is finally becoming too obvious to ignore. Examples:

1. They recently road tested the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. They pointed out that it experienced excess wind noise around the A-pillar but then accepted the lame excuse offered by a Bentley executive who said, “the door fits are still not quite right on the early build cars.” Motor Trend had no criticism of this lame excuse for wind noise in a $165,000 luxury car. What would they have said if it was a $25,000 Chevy?

2. Motor Trend was thrilled when the Japanese entered the mini-van market so they could find an excuse to strip the honor of the best mini-van from Chrysler and hand it to a non-American manufacturer. (Honda) Now, they are so eager to strip “Truck of the Year” froma domestic company that they blindly bowed down and again worshiped a lameHonda product, the Ridgeline, a ridiculous excuse for a truck with unacceptable left-over from the side of the truck bed. But in doing this MT has revealed how out of touch with reality it is. The Ridgeline isn’t selling! MTis out of touch with truck buyers across America. Who’s wrong? MT or real people?

Speaking of Losing Touch…

In a recent Newsweek magazine, there were two articles that illustrate why this publication is useless to anyone without a birdcage.

1. In an article about education they recommended letting the children run the classroom while teachers pay was tripled. (Hazardous duty pay, no doubt.)

2. They advocated that “Binge Drinking” among youths could be stopped by lowering the drinking age.

Do you think these people should be allowed to used sharp implements when they eat?

Fight On!

J.T. Lyons, a missionary pilot with Baptist Mid-Missions in Liberia, in the late ’60s, had just coasted his bright red Piper Super Cub to a stop in the town of Yila. A wild bull nearby saw the red airplane and charged toward it. Missionary Lyons was not about to have the Lord’s property damaged by a rampaging bull. Fearlessly he leaped from the pilot’s seat, rushed between the airplane and the animal and raised his fists, prepared to defend his plane barehanded. The bull stopped, pawed the ground and lowered his head for the final charge. The fearless Baptist Missionary, determination blazing in his eyes, stood his ground. The two antagonists stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then the buffaloed bull snorted, turned and walked off.

Fight on!

Beer Bigotry

An employee of Miller Brewing Co. in Racine, WI was photographed drinking a Bud Lite. He was fired.

What if General Motors fired every employee who drove a Ford or Toyota? Where is the News Mafia outcry for this “injustice?” MaybeMiller’snew ads will say, “Please be a bigot responsibly.”

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