I’m not sure but I think the back-and-forth with Bro. Stauffer over his new book has died down but I don’t “keep my ear to the ground” about such things so I might be wrong. Regardless, I think it is time for a second “Clarification” which I will attempt to do with this post.

(Before I begin let me explain something to those of you who follow this Facebook page.) I almost never come to this page to post or read anything. I am presently writing 5 books and the time I would spend on Facebook & Twitter combined I am not willing to sacrifice from writing. Therefore, I post things on Twitter and then send a copy to a dear sister in Christ and she posts them here and maintains this page. So when I’m done with this article and you want to “tell me off” on this page feel free to wax brave. I probably will never see it. Then you can tell all your friends, “And Gipp couldn’t even answer me!”

I do, though, tell this lady not to take a beating from belligerent idiots who write stupid things so she has been instructed to block them at her will. She’s gracious enough to maintain this page for me and I do not think she should have to take anyone’s abuse for it.

I have this page [and samgipp.com] so folks who are interested can keep up with us and also for the selfish reason of trying to get all the prayer for Kathy & I that I can. Prayer is what keeps us going and I am shameless about seeking it.)

This second clarification will cover two people, Doug Stauffer and Sam Gipp.

Doug Stauffer

First let me say that I stand by every word of my first clarification although, if I had been more thorough in my reading of what Bro. Stauffer sent me none of this would have happened.

Now, let me tell you about Doug Stauffer. He is saved. He has been traveling the country for years as an evangelist. That puts us both on the same side! I am sure that we preach in some of the same churches. I have never gone to a church and had a pastor tell me that Bro. Stauffer had hurt his church, his people or done anything unethical while there. That may be more ethical and godly than some of you who think he should be hung for writing his second book.

Bro. Stauffer has now taken a church in Florida. I hope that he has nothing but success in his ministry there. Why? Because, as I have already said, we’re on the same side! I pray God blesses his family and his ministry for the rest of his life. Why? Because God may use him to glorify Himself and I am for that.

Do we disagree about how we view some things in the Bible? Yes. But I personally don’t believe the “Sin unto Death” is to disagree with me. That is something I see practiced throughout Christianity. If someone disagrees with something you believe it suddenly makes him the anti-christ and then justifies any ungodly, vicious thing you do to them because they committed the sin of disagreeing with YOU.

I came to a great conclusion many years ago, “Any man who can teach the Bible without being wrong SOMEWHERE is GOD!” Bro. Stauffer isn’t God so he has to be wrong someplace. Sam Gipp isn’t God either so he has to be wrong someplace also. (Sit down for this next one.) YOU aren’t God either so YOU have to be wrong someplace!

If you’re going to spend your whole life trying to ferret out your errors so you can eradicate them you are trying to be God. Why don’t you just humble yourself, admit you’re not perfect and live with the sad truth that there has to be something you believe that is in error and someone who disagrees with you might be right?

So, do I disagree with Bro. Stauffer? Yes, in ONE single, solitary area. Do I wish him ill? Not in the least. He and I (and possibly you) are on the same side and I don’t think killing someone on my side is a virtuous act. But I understand that if you hate either him or me you will find a way to justify your acts to present them as godly. You know, just like a muslim does when he cuts off someone’s head for his god.

Sam Gipp

I do not know what you think of me. That is not something I’m here to care about. But some who are reading this may have a higher opinion of Sam Gipp than Sam Gipp does. I am best described in two verses of scripture, Jer. 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

I am not wicked…I am desperately wicked! (Don’t shout “Amen!” to loudly. So are you.) It is my desire to help local churches and Christians in their service for Christ. But I by no means see myself as irreplaceable. The Lord was doing just fine before I showed up and if I drop dead today I don’t think God is going to say, “Oh No! What will I do without Gipp?!”

The second verse is the hard truth of Psalm 62:9, Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity.

I don’t need you to point at this verse and condemn me. I condemn myself. Which portion of this verse describes you?

Pastor: If you pastor a church I hope the Lord blesses your efforts for Him. I will help you in whatever way I can. But, you can have a great ministry whether you ever have me in for a meeting or not. I am not God’s exclusive agent for Holy Spirit revival. But, whether you have me in or not I will still be glad to answer any questions or pray about anything that you want me to. I am not needed. I am simply here to help if I can.

Christian: I want to help you in your stand for God’s perfect Bible and your walk for Christ. I do not wish to replace your pastor or local church. I have quite a few messages on my You Tube channel. I hope they will be a help. But if you refuse to go to a local church and instead listen to my messages I hope your computer crashes. I am not a replacement for a local church.

I am not concerned with either the good or evil things people say about me. I know that once

someone hates you that you can do nothing to change their opinion. If you saved 50 babies from a burning building they would still find something negative to say about you. If you’re so vain that you try to address all the negatives things said about you you’ll never get anything done for the Lord.

My reason for writing this second clarification is that , due to all that happened that required the first one some folks might think that I now view Bro. Stauffer as an enemy. I don’t. I bet if you ask him if he views me as an enemy he will tell you the same thing. If you view one of us as your enemy you simply need to get right with God.


  1. Kurt Lining on February 22, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    Great argument…Pastor!

    PS: I suppose I shall have to read one of his book again soon?
    “Rightly Divided”?

  2. Jayme Davis on February 29, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    So very thankful for you and Mrs. Gipp! Your gracious spirit and attitude are a huge help to me and my family, as are your faithfulness to the LORD. We pray for you daily. LORD bless y’all. 🙏🙏🙏

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