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An Understandable History of the Bible

Chapter 10: Vindication

In this book we have observed the battle which rages in fundamental circles concerning the question of the perfect English translation. We have taken a scriptural look at the localities from which we have obtained the extant MSS. We have looked closely at the witnesses and have examined their testimony in light of our two…

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11 – Bibliography

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12 – Footnotes

Ray, James, God Wrote Only One Bible, (The Eye Opener Publishers, Junction City), p. 96. Fuller, David, Which Bible?, (Grand Rapids International Press, Grand Rapids, 1973), p. 269. Hills, Edward F., Believer’s Bible Study, (The Christian Research Press, Des Moines, 1967), pp. 120-122. Ruckman, Peter, Christian’s Handbook on Manuscript Evidence, (Pensacola Bible Press, Pensacola, 1970),…

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