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Dr. Gipp is a former pastor, an evangelist, teacher, author and Bible conference speaker. He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format. His humerous, informative and forceful preaching style make him popular with all ages and keeps him in demand as a Revivalist and Bible conference speaker.

Brother Gipp was apart of a panel of defenders of the King James Bible on the "John Ankerberg Show." Also, his life's story was featured on the national radio program, "Unshackled."

September, 2014

Dear Friends,


Since our last letter I've preached in Idaho, Connecticut, Minnesota, Ohio and Canada. We did five weeks of flying in July/August. We flew from Ohio to Idaho; from Idaho to Connecticut; from Connecticut to Minnesota and then after two meetings there we flew to Canada. From Canada we flew back to Ohio, picked up the RV and hit the road again. We've had very good responses to the preaching and I believe the churches were helped by the meetings.


In July Nathan & I preached together at the July 4th meeting at Treasure Valley BC in Meridian, ID. It was good to fellowship with him and his family and Kathy & I were both greatly blessed by his preaching. Nate is a real student of the Bible and has a good relationship with the Lord & it shows in his preaching. We were both blessed to hear him preach.

Also, in August we flew to Denver to visit Jon & Sheila and to see our newest grandson, Rowan. Because of the way we live we don't see any of our grandchildren very often and actually miss being with them as they grow up. It was so great to be with Jon & Sheila and to see Evan & Rowan!

Kathy's sister, Jill, had brain surgery back in December and is still recovering slowly. Please keep her in prayer.

The Motor Home

We have finally given in and started shopping for a new RV. Most RVs get used only about 3 months per year. We use ours 12 months a year. Thus, in 5 years we put 20 years worth of twisting and turning on one and the structure starts to show it. Laminate breaks loose, panels separate and leaks appear. The engine, a big diesel Cummins, is never the issue. It can last for a million miles but the body of the RV can't make it much past five years. Getting structure repairs on an RV entails big bucks and leaving it weeks on end, leaving us to travel without the RV and repairs that we can't be sure are done right. Many times when we leave an area we don't return for several years. Thus, if the repairs aren't done right we end up cancelling meetings while we get them done again or simply take the loss and get them done a second time somewhere else. (No. You don't have a better way to do this.)

We are not crazy about getting into the expense of a new RV but really have no recourse. The Lord has yet to tell me anything else to do so we are "In it for the long haul!"

Big Deal KJV

In August we made the 6th "What's the Big Deal About the King James Bible?" You Tube video. It shows the fraudulence and inconsistency of the "I don't like the King James Bible because of the italicized words" argument. It has been well received and is helping believers in God's perfect Book to better defend their God-exalting position. You can view it at bigdealkjv.com.

We have had many reports of churches showing these videos to youth groups or Wednesday night crowds. They're a great tool for educating Christians on the subject.

Aren't you glad that, unlike James White, you don't feel compelled to scream, "No He didn't!" every time someone states that God inspired & preserved His Bible perfectly?

Our Health

It seems our health becomes an issue more and more.

Kathy: She will never get the virus out of her eye so our goal is twofold: keep the virus at bay, prevent inflamation which really causes her a lot of pain. Kathy takes three kinds of medication in an effort to achieve this.

Me: The neck problems have been "front & center" every morning and then all day long. We just deal with it day-by-day and keep making plans for tomorrow.

What You Can Do For Us

Often I have folks ask me what they can do for us. As I have said over & over, the only thing that keeps us going are the prayers of God's people. I am sure that if God's people quit praying for me I'd be out of the ministry in a week. I cannot demand that people pray for us. I can only ask and that I do. Please continue to uphold us by your gracious petitions before the Throne of Grace.

Let me also take the time to say, "Thank you!" to all you who do pray for us. If you wonder if it's doing any good, the fact that you are reading this letters reveals it is. Thank you so much.

God bless you as you serve Him.

In Christ's Service,
Samuel C. Gipp

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