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About Samuel C. Gipp and A Friend to Churches Ministries

Dr. Gipp is a former pastor, an evangelist, teacher, author and Bible conference speaker. He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format. His humerous, informative and forceful preaching style make him popular with all ages and keeps him in demand as a Revivalist and Bible conference speaker.

Brother Gipp was apart of a panel of defenders of the King James Bible on the "John Ankerberg Show." Also, his life's story was featured on the national radio program, "Unshackled."

July, 2016

Dear Friends,


Since our last letter I have preached in: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. Kath & I also flew to Pensacola, Florida, and attended Dr. Ruckman's funeral. We were able to go because Pastor Steve Salmon, of Cornerstone BC, Laramie, WY, was gracious enough to let me cancel his meeting to attend. Ironically, they had a blizzard in the area that week which would have shut down the meeting anyway.

We've had exceptionally good services and had folks saved in numerous meetings. The spirit has been tremendous. I also now have a new "specialty" Bible conference that clearly refutes the errant "Mid-Trib Rapture" that Christians, more impressed with video quality than truth, are picking up on the Internet. The results have been tremendous!

The Move to Idaho

People seem to hear and see what they have in mind in spite of what is actually stated. There have been several misconceptions about the coming move to Idaho that I will endeavor to correct:

  1. WE AIN'T THERE YET! We won't make the official move until I begin teaching in Sept.
  2. I am NOT "retiring" or leaving the field of evangelism. Rather than the move resulting in an easier schedule it will actually turn up the pressure a bit. During the nine months of the school year I will be:
    • Thursday: Teach 3 hours (Bible History, Acts & Preparation & Delivery)
    • Saturday: fly to the next meeting
    • Sun.-Wed.: Preach the meeting
    • Thursday morning: fly back to Idaho to teach again that evening
    • Repeat the process

    During the 3 months of Summer Kathy & I will drive to meetings as we do now.

  3. I AM NOT taking a paid Staff position at Treasure Valley BC. But I will be available to help in anyway that I can.
  4. We DON'T have a house. We cannot afford a house payment & RV payment. We will be selling the RV because I don't like the thought of it sitting idle for 9 months. We will buy a small trailer we can pull with our truck. Please pray about this, the truck is only a ton truck, it is seven years old and has over 110,000 miles on it. (I know, you being an expert on all things mechanical you're confident we can get 85 zillion miles on it.) Starting to tow with that many miles puts stress on old, worn parts that have never had it before. The transmission has been showing signs of problems so it will probably go pretty quick. Then we'll just deal with problems as they arise. Also, a ball-hitch is the most unstable there is. I don't cherish the thought of going back to it. We can't go with a fifth-wheel because we need the bed of the truck to carry books.

    Starting in 2017 I am scheduling meetings as Sun.-Tue. or Fri.-Sun. I am afraid about flying in on Thursday & preaching Thursday night. Just one glitch in an airport connection and I will miss the teaching classes.

    What you can pray with us about:

    1. That we sell the RV quickly.
    2. That we can then get an affordable house.
    3. We have to get new furnishings for the house.
    4. That we need to buy a small trailer.
    5. We will need to get a second vehicle.

    Other Ministry News

    The You Tube channel has been doing amazingly well. There have been over 43,000 views as I write this and they are increasing everyday. There are over 60 messages on the channel including: the "What's the Big Deal About the KJV" production videos, longer teaching messages on the KJB, refutations against some problems plaguing the church in the last days & more. You can get there by going to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-Asg1xgM2Ddsk4N48bbQQ/about

    My book, For His Pleasure, has been out of print for quite some time. There was some additional information I had wanted to add to it so it has now been expanded and rewritten. It will be republished under the new title: Your Purpose for Being Here.

    Our Health

    Kathy's eye continues to be a problem. She has been to 18 doctors around the world but her primary doctor is in Boise. He wants to do surgery on her eye this Summer/Fall. It won't correct the problem but is intended to keep her from losing all of her sight in that eye.

    Truthfully, since I lost weight 7 years ago I would feel younger but for my neck. All I will say is that it goes in only one direction and that is not a good one. Each day presents its challenges but I see no reason for scaling back. We only have so much time left before the Lord returns so each moment is extremely valuable. "Only one life, soon will be past..."

    Please... PLEASE, continue your gracious prayers for us!

    In Christ's Service,
    Samuel C. Gipp

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